Friday, September 24, 2010

New Theme and Hauls

As I'm typing this post, I'm listening to The Beat Crusaders' Tonight, Tonight! which is a soundtrack from Bleach. So, if you're reading this post, you must've noticed my new blogspot theme that I got from a website that I totally forgot, silly me. I liked how it emphasizes the title of my blog, with it being a diary of a product addict. So, you like it?

Today, I went to the mall alone and that is something that I haven't really done in a while. I went to Etude House because I got their text message saying that I got the 'Buy 1 get 1' promotion. So, I got there and browse for the things that I actually need, in terms of skincare/makeup department. I ended up buying their new O2 White serum that is mixed with the powder and received a free brightening eyes duo. I chose the eyes duo because it has an eye cream and a concealer, quite unique product. I'll update you on the products when I'm done with it.

Etude House O2 Intensive Whitening Serum.

1 piece of intensive serum & 12 packets of Vitamin C powder

A cream base (left) and flesh tone concealer (right). I'm starting to have low expectations on this product.

Long story short, before going home, I went to Paperclip to look for a small desk to put my laptop when I'm browsing on my bed. However, I ended up getting other stuff because I couldn't find the desk. I got stickers, photo albums and wall decorations. Here are the pictures of the damage. 

How can I resist not buying this cute bird?!

Stickers, just because I'm ADD.

New wall decorations. Hmm, I haven't filled the whole wall now, have I? *evil thought*

Close up picture on how I arrange them. Excuse me for not being a great artist.

After decorating my room, I feel kinda down because I'm feeling a little bit exhausted. I decided to put on a facial mask from My Beauty Diary since I just repurchase them for my backups. I love these facial masks! They are very moisturizing yet not sticky once you finished using them. Today, I'm using Japanese Cherry Blossom from My Beauty Diary.  

What it claims to do. I do feel moisturized and brightened, though!

Packaging is super nice and slightly cute, remembering that it's a Japanese product.

 List of ingredients that contains no alcohol! Great product!

So, what do you like to do to relax and wind down?


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