Thursday, September 30, 2010

Haul: Etude House

Today, I decided to go for a facial treatment at Emporium Pluit Mall because it has been more than a month since my last blackhead extraction. I need those temporary residents out of my pores, immediately. Besides, it's actually recommended to do blackhead extractions before they turn into acne. In my case, pustule acne with those yellow substance about to burst out anytime of the day.

I first went to ACE Hardware to get a shedding brush for my puppy, Shiro. She's now entering her third month where shedding just takes place like no other. There are fur on the couch, chairs, garden, stairs, it's just massive. Well, I can't really blame her, she is changing her puppy coat to her adult coat. A more coarse type of hair usually found on adults. Aw, my little Shiro is growing up. *single tear*

I got the shedding brush, a small slicker brush and a nail clip. Her nails got long in a quick time, despite the fact that she was regularly running every evening. I also grabbed a 600 mL tumbler from Rubbermaid because I feel like it and it's blue :) I got her treats from a nearby pet shop because hers ran out and she refused to be trained without a treat. 

Anyway, I got to Emporium and the first thing I think of is going to Etude House because there might be promotions as the month is coming to a close. Every time I went to an Etude House store, damage is always done. Here they are as follows.

Just disregard the Koji eye talk and Masami Shouko brush. 

This is the first thing I reached for when I caught a glimpse of it. I have been in love with their Petit Bijou line because it has a soft and pleasant fragrance. I decided to get the Peach Touch because it smells really fruity and girly. Yes, I just said girly. Me. Someone who is not as close as girly, but sometimes I do want girly things as I AM A GIRL.

Did you just squeal at the sight of this perfume bottle? If yes, then you are just like me who loves cute things, whatever they are. I know it's very very cute. It's a 30 mL packaging and costs IDR 198,000. I love this because the size is compact, enabling me to carry it in my bag because I have been looking for miniature perfumes to do the job. However, the search is over for me, as this will be placed in my bag at all times.

A more close up look on the perfume bottle with a detailed pink flower-shaped rubber on top.

These two are my favorite lip tint from Etude House. 

Etude House Tint Gloss in #3. It is a peach colored tint and gloss in the same packaging. So, when the gloss has faded away, the tint will still be there. This is one of Etude House's old products that I like and it is running low on stock. I have another one that is more of a pink colored tint gloss. It very moisturizing on my lips and gives a shine because it is a gloss that contains shimmers.

Another favorite tint from Etude House is the 55 Kissful Tint Chou. I don't know why it's named that way, ask those Koreans why. It gives my lips a natural tint and gloss at the same time, but the color is more vibrant than the tint gloss. Maybe because it doesn't contain any shimmers in the product.

Tint Gloss (left) and Tint Chou (Right).

I got another perfume from Etude House called Pure espoir. It has a floral scent, but a soft finish. Excuse my bad description of a perfume. 

The box has glitters embedded on it. Love!

The packaging is just too adorable to pass. Plus, the scent is really my style!

I then went for my facial treatment at Natasha because I don't want to look like someone who got stung by a bee going shopping at Etude House. It took 90 minutes to finish the whole treatment, but I do feel that my face is cleaner, softer and smoother. It's a love-hate relationship I have with facial treatments.

Before going home, I decided to stop by Sogo to get a slanted angled brush in order to apply Maybelline gel liner. I just can't use the brush that Maybelline provided with the gel liner. It's too soft. Anyhoo, I got the slanted angled brush from Masami Shouko and Koji Eye Talk.

My favorite brush for gel liners. I lost mine a few weeks ago. 

If you've known me since junior high, you must've known that my eye size is not uniformly shaped. My right eyelid droops more than the left. I have been using eyelid tapes for the past decade, but lately it doesn't seem to work. So, I thought I'll go back to the trusty eyelid glue and shaper. 

That is how I just spent my day, ladies and gentlemen. I ended my trip to Emporium with a tall Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks and it was the best frappucino I've had in 3 years. Those guys should really get a raise for making such a marvelous drink! 


  1. thanks for reviewing etude petite bijou peach touch! i was confusw choosing between peach touch all over spray and so lovely all over spray.. now i think i'm getting peach touch!

  2. awh, so glad that I helped you pick out a scent! hope you do like it though.. ^^