Monday, September 20, 2010

Haul: Avene & O.P.I

On my previous post, I said that I picked up a few things when going out with my friends. I have been looking for a nail polish that will not be so dramatic, yet not too subtle that people aren't going to notice that I am wearing a nail polish. I went to O.P.I's website and found a shade called 'Who Needs a Prince?', which is a light pink with a reddish-purple shimmers all over it. I am immediately in love with this shade!! Okay, I'll stop rambling and show you the pictures. Keep in mind that I haven't swatched this yet.

My camera is bitching out again. So, I'm not sure that you can actually see the shimmers in the bottle. I also got the RapiDry Top coat by O.P.I just because it's small and cute. Stupid thing is that I've just bought Sally Hansen's Mega Shine a month ago and haven't even finish half of it and here I am buying a new top coat. Stupid me. Oh well, at least it's cute!

If you're wondering, the SA gave me the box because they were running out paper bags. That's why the angle of the camera is weird in here. 

Before going home, we stopped at Guardian to purchase our necessities. I bought Avene's Thermal Water which really helped in decreasing redness on my face. It's also useful for setting my makeup and times when my face just needs soothing. It contains silica which is good in smoothing out the surface of my face and helps to mattifies it as well. I got one in full size and one in travel size to put in my bag. Currently, I really love this spray.

Have you ever heard of a moisturizing bra? I haven't! As I've told you that I went shopping for bra yesterday and found these very cheap bra for only IDR 99,000. It was only until I reached home to wash the bra and taking off the tags when I noticed the label. I showed it to my bf and he LMAOed. I was also confused as to how this can moisturize my breasts? Gawd, the things people do to make money. 


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