Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day Out With My "PIC"

Good Monday to you all! It's the start of the weekend again, but not to fret, weekend will soon come around the bend, so ganbatteeeee~~ Anyways, I had so much fun eating and shopping with my best friend yesterday at Grand Indonesia. It was a really unexpected meet up that wasn't even planned weeks before, something spontaneous you might say. 

We had a "BIG" lunch at Paulaner Brauhaus because we said to each other that we'll try it out someday, even though I've already had lunches and dinner there. We had 3 main courses and a bowl of Goulash soup. 

There was really nothing special with this bowl of soup. I'd prefer it to be thicker, not runnier. The taste was that of an average Goulash soup, I guess I have to try the original one from Gawd-knows-where.

Since my bf and I had already had lunch just a few hours prior, we decided to split our dish. We ordered the Escale hunter or whatever. Basically, it a breaded pork loin, deep fried and served with pan-fried potatoes and mushroom gravy. The breaded pork is too salty to my liking, but the gravy helped save the dish by adding a hint of sweetness and sourness to the dish. The potatoes were too oily, as if they were soaked in oil before cooking.

I've had this the last time I went to Paulaner. I have to say that it's a very savoury pork dish, but as I keep eating it one single feeling begin to emerge. Boredom. This dish is so huge in portion that I grew tired of eating the same flavours. I think it's best that I eat half, just so I don't get bored halfway eating it. So, yesterday, we split this between the 4 of us and it was deli -wait for it- cious!

A friend of mine ordered Fish Fillets and only then I begin to notice that everytime we went to a restaurant, she always orders a dish that is fish-related. Well, maybe that's just a coincidence, lol. Anyway, this is my new favorite dish at Paulaner. The fish fillets are very fresh there wasn't even a fish smell to it! Now, that's a good sign of an excellent fish! The tartar sauce was very tangy and flavourful, I love it! I don't know what type of fish this is, but if I have to guess, probably a John Dory? Don't quote me on that, though, I'm not sure. 

I'm not a big fan of lagers, so I ordered jasmine green tea for my drink. My bf ordered the 500 ml lager and my friends got tea, as well. It's not that I don't like alcoholic drinks, I do, don't get me wrong. It's just that I prefer liquors than beers and I'm trying to hold back on the Vodka. Look at that cool contraception my tea cup! It's supposed to filter out the tea leaves as I poured it from the teapot. KewL!

After lunch, I wanted to get a nail polish from O.P.I, so my bestie showed me where she usually got her nail related products. It was this store called Qtik or something at Grand Indonesia. I got my nail polish and top coat, but I'll talk about it in another post.

Where is the dessert part you asked? Well, after purchasing my nail polish, we all went for ice cream at Haagen-Dasz. I got the coffee flavour, my bf chose strawberry and my friends got double scoops.

We shopped around for another hour and then went home. It was a really pleasant day that I get to spend with my best friend and bf. Love you all! *hugs*

Last pic in my post. This is my best friend eating her plate of salad since no one was going to have it. I've known her since 5th grade and am really thankful that I did. Wuv you, dear. <3


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