Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Okaerinasai, Shiro to Cliffy!

If you followed my twitter account, you'll know that 2 days ago I got 2 puppies. I don't the main reason as to why my dad suddenly decided to get dogs, but he did anyway. He forgot what the breed of the puppies were, but I'd guess that they'd be local dogs. Nonetheless, they are still cute and I wouldn't care for their breed as long as they have good attitude. So, before I bore you to death with my continuous and pointless ramblings, here are the main star of today's post.

So, I picked up both puppies in my dad's car at a minimart. Why at a minimart you ask? It's because I had just got home when my granny said that my dad has just left 5 minutes ago bringing puppies. Turns out that my dad was gonna ask whether I wanted to keep them. So, I called my dad and asked about it. He replied that he is at the minimart (Rejeki) to buy some milk and I went there to get the puppies. 

Shiro was sound asleep when I went to take him home, so he slept in the car along with Cliffy. 

This is where they'll be sleeping. I put some old towels so that they don't have a hard surface to sleep on. 

Cliffy started drinking when I put him in the cage, but he starts to close his eyes, tilted his head towards the water bowl and started falling asleep. Kinda reminds me of my hamster where they would start to sleep while eating sunflower seeds. I miss them hamsters *sobs*

After I've put them in the cage, Shiro started whimpering, so I took him out of the cage. Gen started to play with him and he is really fond of Gen. The next pictures are gonna be all Shiro because Cliffy is already sound asleep in the cage. I think Shiro has insomnia and was able to sleep at 12 a.m.

I think he's still in his biting phase. Gen lets him bite his toe, I don't know why. 

Shiro sleeping in Gen's arms while he was being held. However, he started to wake up because I coughed and we played with him for a while until he gets really tired. 

He's finally asleep again in his favorite bed (Gen's arms). Very clingy. Well, can't blame a pup!

Cliffy's first trip to the vet because he was having diarrhea in the middle of the night and he threw up some of the milk that my dad gave him. So, Gen and I decided to take the pups to a vet at Sunter. Cliffy was put in a cardboard box because he was having diarrhea and I though he would be able to sleep better on a flat surface , rather than on my lap. 

This spoiled pup, however, wants to sit on Gen's lap, otherwise, he'll start crying. So, before he decided to throw a tantrum and have a traumatic experience riding in a car, I gave Shiro to Gen. The moment he sits on Gen's lap, that's when he stopped crying. 

A close up look on how calm he is. 

So, we got to the vet and there was only 2 patients (dog patients, to be exact) before us. I registered both their names and while waiting in the car, Gen thought putting Shiro on the steering wheel would be funny. Well, he seemed to enjoy it anyway.

We finally get to see the vet and he said that both pups had worms. He gave them a shot and prescribed worm medication, anti-diarrhea for Cliffy and multi vitamins for both. He told us to come again in the next 2 weeks for a full vaccination. The vet still can't predict what breed both are because they're still too young (arund 2 months old). 

We went to a pet shop at Sunter called Happy Lucky Pet Shop. It's located in front of Sunter Mall, so it'll be really easy to find. I purchased food and flea spray because they were scratching like crazy yesterday. I also got accesories and dog carrier. I forgot to take pictures of my pet shop haul, silly me. It still counts as a haul though! 


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