Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kanebo Beauty Workshop

Last Saturday, 28th August 2010, I went to Mulia Hotel at Senayan with my bestie for a beauty workshop. It's from Kanebo and I have been meaning to go to a beauty workshop. The price of admission is IDR 150,000 , but is redeemable to product purchase. Meaning that, if you buy a product from Kanebo or Lunasol, you will get a IDR 150,000 discount of the original price. Plus, you can choose to have either a facial massage or a make over from the makeup artists. 

We got there a bit late, around 10.30, but it wasn't a problem because there weren't any courses to attend to.While my friend was busy choosing what products to buy, I was asked by the sales assistant to have my facial skin checked using a machine thing-a-magick. She cleaned the tool and placed it on my cheeks. Results show that I have normal skin. Yes, I have NORMAL skin, instead of OILY skin. Great huh? If only that were true. Thing is I was trying out a Sana product called the Clear Powder Pore Putty because it looks like it's capable of controlling my excess oil. Turns out it really does control the oil on my face. I got a laugh so early in the workshop, but it was fun having my face checked for skin type. 

My bestie and I chose the facial massage and it was very refreshing. Only thing that I don't like is the mask they put on me after the procedure. It reeks of alcohol and my skin itches like crazy! I hated the mask and asked the therapist to take it off. Apart from that, it was a very relaxing session of massage on my face. After my mask was taken off, the therapist applied the Raphaie lotion or cream, I don't even know anymore. Afterwards, my face feels super sticky, just like the time I took off my face mask from TheFaceShop. I really hate sticky feeling on my face!!

Right after the facial massage session, the sales assistant tried to persuade me to purchase their skincare line. As I was inspecting the ingredients list, I found alcohol to be the second ingredient in Kanebo's Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner. That's cue for me not to use their skincare line because even the PT essence has alcohol in, even though it's far down the list. Call me old-fashioned or whatever, I just think that it's important to asses a product that you're going to apply on your skin. If you still want to use an alcohol-containing toner/lotion/cream/anything, feel free to do so. I am in no position, whatsoever, to force you to stop using them. I just want to give my opinion on certain things. 

I finally decided to purchase a Lunasol water cream foundation and a loose powder. I have heard fuzkittie rave about the water cream foundation and was really intrigued on trying it out since the product is available. I managed to get a loose powder, to set my makeup. Amusingly, I forgot that I had just purchased e.l.f's HD powder, also to set my makeup. Oh well, too much is never a problem right? Now, picture time!

Here is the goodie bag from Kanebo. It has a set of Kanebo Impress samples.

There's the powder and foundation that I purchased, along with the sample that was given.

The Kanebo Impress sample

The Impress Lotion. First impression, alcohol.

The cream excellent. First impression, sticky

The emulsion. First impression, greasy.

My first high-end brand foundation. It costs IDR 495,000. I know, stop yelling at me please.

I just love the simplistic logo, replacing the "O" with a crescent moon shape.

My color is in OC01, which is the lightest shade in the OC category. There is another color category directed towards people that have yellow undertone.

The packaging is just lovely and too sweet to pass.

Here is the color of the water cream foundation. I know, the texture is a bit surprising as well for me. It says cream, but the website claims that this foundation consists 60% water! Once I put it on, it really does feel very lightweight, easy to blend and matches my skin tone perfectly. First impression, loving this foundation so much!

Next is the Micro Finish Powder in Natural Beige. Another color is translucent, but I thought this would create a bronze glow.

It comes with a puff, although I doubt that I'll be using it. I prefer to use my e.l.f Kabuki Brush.

The puff has the Lunasol logo as well.

It has a sifter, but I think the holes should be smaller, so that users are able to control the amount of powder that's going to be used.

Right after purchasing our stuff, we had lunch at Mulia provided by Kanebo. After we finish our meal, we headed to Grand Indonesia because my bf was going to pick me up there and my friend has another beauty class with Shu Uemura. While waiting for my bf to pick me up, I wondered around the mall alone and got a few stuff from TheFaceShop and Gramedia. I'll discuss this in another post. All in all, it was a fun day, especially after purchasing a high-end foundation. So, do you use Kanebo or Lunasol products?

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