Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kanebo Beauty Workshop

Last Saturday, 28th August 2010, I went to Mulia Hotel at Senayan with my bestie for a beauty workshop. It's from Kanebo and I have been meaning to go to a beauty workshop. The price of admission is IDR 150,000 , but is redeemable to product purchase. Meaning that, if you buy a product from Kanebo or Lunasol, you will get a IDR 150,000 discount of the original price. Plus, you can choose to have either a facial massage or a make over from the makeup artists. 

We got there a bit late, around 10.30, but it wasn't a problem because there weren't any courses to attend to.While my friend was busy choosing what products to buy, I was asked by the sales assistant to have my facial skin checked using a machine thing-a-magick. She cleaned the tool and placed it on my cheeks. Results show that I have normal skin. Yes, I have NORMAL skin, instead of OILY skin. Great huh? If only that were true. Thing is I was trying out a Sana product called the Clear Powder Pore Putty because it looks like it's capable of controlling my excess oil. Turns out it really does control the oil on my face. I got a laugh so early in the workshop, but it was fun having my face checked for skin type. 

My bestie and I chose the facial massage and it was very refreshing. Only thing that I don't like is the mask they put on me after the procedure. It reeks of alcohol and my skin itches like crazy! I hated the mask and asked the therapist to take it off. Apart from that, it was a very relaxing session of massage on my face. After my mask was taken off, the therapist applied the Raphaie lotion or cream, I don't even know anymore. Afterwards, my face feels super sticky, just like the time I took off my face mask from TheFaceShop. I really hate sticky feeling on my face!!

Right after the facial massage session, the sales assistant tried to persuade me to purchase their skincare line. As I was inspecting the ingredients list, I found alcohol to be the second ingredient in Kanebo's Blanchir Whitening Clear Conditioner. That's cue for me not to use their skincare line because even the PT essence has alcohol in, even though it's far down the list. Call me old-fashioned or whatever, I just think that it's important to asses a product that you're going to apply on your skin. If you still want to use an alcohol-containing toner/lotion/cream/anything, feel free to do so. I am in no position, whatsoever, to force you to stop using them. I just want to give my opinion on certain things. 

I finally decided to purchase a Lunasol water cream foundation and a loose powder. I have heard fuzkittie rave about the water cream foundation and was really intrigued on trying it out since the product is available. I managed to get a loose powder, to set my makeup. Amusingly, I forgot that I had just purchased e.l.f's HD powder, also to set my makeup. Oh well, too much is never a problem right? Now, picture time!

Here is the goodie bag from Kanebo. It has a set of Kanebo Impress samples.

There's the powder and foundation that I purchased, along with the sample that was given.

The Kanebo Impress sample

The Impress Lotion. First impression, alcohol.

The cream excellent. First impression, sticky

The emulsion. First impression, greasy.

My first high-end brand foundation. It costs IDR 495,000. I know, stop yelling at me please.

I just love the simplistic logo, replacing the "O" with a crescent moon shape.

My color is in OC01, which is the lightest shade in the OC category. There is another color category directed towards people that have yellow undertone.

The packaging is just lovely and too sweet to pass.

Here is the color of the water cream foundation. I know, the texture is a bit surprising as well for me. It says cream, but the website claims that this foundation consists 60% water! Once I put it on, it really does feel very lightweight, easy to blend and matches my skin tone perfectly. First impression, loving this foundation so much!

Next is the Micro Finish Powder in Natural Beige. Another color is translucent, but I thought this would create a bronze glow.

It comes with a puff, although I doubt that I'll be using it. I prefer to use my e.l.f Kabuki Brush.

The puff has the Lunasol logo as well.

It has a sifter, but I think the holes should be smaller, so that users are able to control the amount of powder that's going to be used.

Right after purchasing our stuff, we had lunch at Mulia provided by Kanebo. After we finish our meal, we headed to Grand Indonesia because my bf was going to pick me up there and my friend has another beauty class with Shu Uemura. While waiting for my bf to pick me up, I wondered around the mall alone and got a few stuff from TheFaceShop and Gramedia. I'll discuss this in another post. All in all, it was a fun day, especially after purchasing a high-end foundation. So, do you use Kanebo or Lunasol products?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Phanie's Prized Products: August Edition

Greetings, everyone. Sorry for the recent absence, my puppy has just gotten sick a week ago, but she's doing much better now and is already discharged from the hospital. So, I didn't have the chance to update my blog on what's been going on lately. However, I did think about making a monthly favorites and I do hope this gets posted in time. Without any further ado, let's start! 

I didn't take actual pictures from my collection because my camera is busted and lost somewhere in my "tidy" room. Starting with my skincare and all the way trough hair care, here are my August favorites.

Skincare Divison
Himalaya Herbals Neem Foaming Face Wash
This product lathers up nicely and cleans debris from my face gently. It doesn't sting my face while using it. It's a very gentle, yet effective cleanser for people with oily skin. It leaves my face soft and smooth after using.

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Anti Dullness Scrub
This is a very cheap, gentle exfoliator for me. It really takes off the patchy, dry flakes of skin that are sometimes there without it being too harsh or abrasive. I know it won't clean the insides of my pores, but it's still a decent exfoliator. Also, it's dirt cheap. 

Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Mattifying Concentrate
This is a great product to help protect the skin against the harmful factors of free radical and causing free radical damage. It contains green tea leaf extract, grape seed oil extracts, and other potent antioxidants that are helpful in healing the skin's natural barrier. This product has a silicon content, so it might also be useful to use as a makeup primer. It's oil-free and fragrance-free, which is the typical Paula's Choice products. 

L'oreal Paris White Perfect Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15
I have stopped using the Olay white radiance and switched to this product. I just got bored with the Olay and opted for another moisturizer. So, I found this and liked it so much better than my Olay moisturizer. It feels very light on my face and blends so easily. It doesn't have a dewy finish like the Olay White Radiance, but more of a semi-matte finish, which I'm liking at the moment. It doesn't give me any acne, so me likey. 

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
I asked my bro to get me this in Singapore and thankfully he did. This is a makeup remover and cleanser in one, so it saves much time when taking my makeup off at night. It really takes off all of my makeup (face) in one application. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry afterwards, but smooth, soft and moisturized. 

Etude House Petit Bijou Moisture Body Lotion in Cotton Snow
It's a usual body lotion, but I think this has a water based on the basis that it's absorbed quickly. It doesn't have a sticky feeling afterwards, which is something I look for in a moisturizer. I also like the scent and how it reminds me of baby powder, but with a softer fragrance. I use this at night because it doesn't contain any SPF and therefore useless to be used at the daytime. 

Makeup Divison
Etude House Dr.Oil Solution Anti-Shine BB Lotion SPF 20/PA ++
Move over, L'egere! There's a new BB Lotion in town and it mattifies like crazy!! I am so in love with this BB Lotion (not cream, people) because it's very light weight texture wise and it gives a matte finish on my face. It controls my excess oil and leaves my face matte for 4 hours. That is a huge difference, especially when used in combination with my Smashbox photo finish light primer. 

Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer in Light/Medium
This concealer contain 0.5% salicylic acid, so it claims to help heal blemishes as they're concealed. However, I didn't find this to be the case since the percentage of the SA is too low. Other than that, I really like the texture, which makes it easier to blend and it's close to my skintone. 

Hair Care Divison
Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo
Everytime I finished using this, I always have a fresh and bouncy hair. Usually when I haven't got the chance to shower, my hair goes limpy and my scalp has excess oil. That's why I am liking this so much because it strips any excess oil sitting on my scalp and makes my hair very fluffy and fresh!

Miscellaneous Items
Cussons Carex Hand Gel
It might seem a little bit weird for me to include this in a monthly favorite post, but I have been using this item all throughout this month, more than I usually do. Shiro, my puppy, was admitted to an animal clinic a week ago and my bf and I have been paying visits to her everyday. Once we finished and walked out the door, this is the one thing we immediately use. It has a 78% alcohol content, dries fast and doesn't leave your skin dry. 

Dariya Hair Fringe
I got this at chicprincessa.com and has never found any use for it. Lately, I just trimmed my hair and went for side swept bangs. Every time I just finished washing my hair, my bangs would fall off because my hair is not use to being part at the side. This comes in handy to hold the hair back in place, so I have a nice looking side swept bang. Basically, it's a velcro.

What are you monthly favorites?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sayonara, Cliffy.

As you all know from my previous post, I have just received two puppies from my dad. Unfortunately, Cliffy (the one with spots) had passed away due to Parvovirus. He passed away on the 17th of August 2010, being only two months old. He was already in a critical condition when I brought him to the vet on Tuesday. He was lethargic, passing loose stools, vomitted once and was unable to eat. I felt so guilty I didn't notice the symptoms sooner and reported it to the vet. I thought he was still fatigued from the diarrhea. Well, it turns out to be a special kind of diarrhea. He was cremated because burying his body would be hazardous to Shiro. The virus can still live in the soil for another 5 years, depending on the condition of the soil. So, I don't want to take any risk and chose cremation.

Even though we've only had him for three days in the house, I got to play with him for a full day on Sunday. He was an energetic pup who likes to run around the yard. I'll miss the way he always got tired when he's drinking from his bowl. I'll miss how he always wants to sleep alone in the corner near his drinking bowl. He was a good pup and never whined, except when we gave his meds. Everytime Shiro whined, Cliffy came to her to sort of accompany her and stop her whining. He was always excited when it's meal time, that sometimes, he didn't want to share it with Shiro. 

I thought he was gonna survive, but he didn't. Well, I guess he's happy now running and playing in doggie heaven, if there is such a place. At the very least, he's not suffering anymore, the way he did on Tuesday. Goodbye, Cliffy.  I hope you're happy now and I'm sorry I didn't notice that you had Parvo. I'll miss you, boy. We love you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Okaerinasai, Shiro to Cliffy!

If you followed my twitter account, you'll know that 2 days ago I got 2 puppies. I don't the main reason as to why my dad suddenly decided to get dogs, but he did anyway. He forgot what the breed of the puppies were, but I'd guess that they'd be local dogs. Nonetheless, they are still cute and I wouldn't care for their breed as long as they have good attitude. So, before I bore you to death with my continuous and pointless ramblings, here are the main star of today's post.

So, I picked up both puppies in my dad's car at a minimart. Why at a minimart you ask? It's because I had just got home when my granny said that my dad has just left 5 minutes ago bringing puppies. Turns out that my dad was gonna ask whether I wanted to keep them. So, I called my dad and asked about it. He replied that he is at the minimart (Rejeki) to buy some milk and I went there to get the puppies. 

Shiro was sound asleep when I went to take him home, so he slept in the car along with Cliffy. 

This is where they'll be sleeping. I put some old towels so that they don't have a hard surface to sleep on. 

Cliffy started drinking when I put him in the cage, but he starts to close his eyes, tilted his head towards the water bowl and started falling asleep. Kinda reminds me of my hamster where they would start to sleep while eating sunflower seeds. I miss them hamsters *sobs*

After I've put them in the cage, Shiro started whimpering, so I took him out of the cage. Gen started to play with him and he is really fond of Gen. The next pictures are gonna be all Shiro because Cliffy is already sound asleep in the cage. I think Shiro has insomnia and was able to sleep at 12 a.m.

I think he's still in his biting phase. Gen lets him bite his toe, I don't know why. 

Shiro sleeping in Gen's arms while he was being held. However, he started to wake up because I coughed and we played with him for a while until he gets really tired. 

He's finally asleep again in his favorite bed (Gen's arms). Very clingy. Well, can't blame a pup!

Cliffy's first trip to the vet because he was having diarrhea in the middle of the night and he threw up some of the milk that my dad gave him. So, Gen and I decided to take the pups to a vet at Sunter. Cliffy was put in a cardboard box because he was having diarrhea and I though he would be able to sleep better on a flat surface , rather than on my lap. 

This spoiled pup, however, wants to sit on Gen's lap, otherwise, he'll start crying. So, before he decided to throw a tantrum and have a traumatic experience riding in a car, I gave Shiro to Gen. The moment he sits on Gen's lap, that's when he stopped crying. 

A close up look on how calm he is. 

So, we got to the vet and there was only 2 patients (dog patients, to be exact) before us. I registered both their names and while waiting in the car, Gen thought putting Shiro on the steering wheel would be funny. Well, he seemed to enjoy it anyway.

We finally get to see the vet and he said that both pups had worms. He gave them a shot and prescribed worm medication, anti-diarrhea for Cliffy and multi vitamins for both. He told us to come again in the next 2 weeks for a full vaccination. The vet still can't predict what breed both are because they're still too young (arund 2 months old). 

We went to a pet shop at Sunter called Happy Lucky Pet Shop. It's located in front of Sunter Mall, so it'll be really easy to find. I purchased food and flea spray because they were scratching like crazy yesterday. I also got accesories and dog carrier. I forgot to take pictures of my pet shop haul, silly me. It still counts as a haul though! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser

I noticed that I haven't posted any reviews on any makeup remover products. Now, I have two separate items, one for removing my eye makeup and one for removing my face makeup. I prefer a double layer (silicon based and water based) product for my eye makeup and a water-soluble cleanser for the rest of my face. Today, I'm going to review a product I use to remove my face makeup.

What the product claims
Foamy cream-mousse cleanser removes long-wearing makeup and sunscreens quickly, gently, efficiently. Comforts with soothing botanicals. Leaves skin feeling moist, clean, fresh. A great value, too: concentrated formula is long-lasting. Ophthalmologist Tested.

Purified water, potassium myristate, glycerin, potassium behenate, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, potassium palmitate, potassium laurate, potassium stearate, myristic acid, behenic acid, peg-3 distearate, palmitic acid, cholesteryl hydroxystearate, lauric acid, sodium hyaluronate, stearic acid, rosemary, dimethyl octenol, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, butylene glycol, pine, cardamom, trisodium edta, ext. d & c violet no. 2, fd & c red no. 4. 

How I use it
Usually, I use this at night or any other time when I want to remove my makeup. I would use this as an ordinary face cleanser, lathering it up and massaging it on my already wet face. Rinse off and voila! Clean face!

What I like about it
  • Easy to use. I'll do everything over the sink and be done with it.
  • Lathers up easily
  • No fragrance detected
  • Takes off makeup within one application
  • Doesn't break me out!

What I hate about it
  • The full size product is expensive. I only bought the travel size ones.
  • Can be drying at times, but not overdrying that it gives me patches of flaky skin.
  • There are colorants present. This might be seen as a problem by people with extra sensitive skin

Yes, but only if Clinique is having a sale. =p

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Long Overdue Haul

I say hello to all of you who's reading this post and thank you. Today, I'm gonna post my haul I did earlier today with my bf and brother. It's been almost 2 weeks of being absent from doing a haul post. So, let's get started. 

First, I went to Etude House at Kelapa Gading Mall because I heard that there is a 30% discount on selected items and I was curious as to what items are on sale. I got there and found out a couple of things that I liked and been wanting to have for a long time. 


I remembered that I ran out of nail polish remover so, I got the blue one. Then, I saw the new items from the LuciDarling line and the nail polishes have a cute heart-shaped bottle that caught my eyes. 


I managed to got the neon purple and coral coloured nail polishes from this line. I tried it on my nails and I'm really fond of the neon purple, but my bf didn't quite find it to his liking, looking at my purple nails. They scared him in a way, so I'll have to wear on my toes instead. 


I know I have found my HG BB Cream (L'egere), but it's alright to actually try another one. Right? This is their new BB cream that claims to reduce shine and gives a matte finish. I'll have to give this a try and I'll update you with the results.


The next one is from their Petit Bijou collection and I managed to get the body lotion and body wash in "Cotton Snow" fragrance. I simply love it because it smells like baby cologne, but softer.


As you can see there are numerous items I've purchased, they gave me a mini Aqua Sherbet kit which contains a toner, lotion and gel cream. I don't think I'm going to use this, so I'm letting this item go. If any of you are interested, let me know in the comments below. 


It's supposed to give you a cooling sensation during those hot days. 


Next, I went to Watsons to get those blackheads-removing-utensil. However, you know what happens when a girl shops, she gets other things as well.


I decided to get another bottle of the renowned Mavala Double Lash, which elongates and nourish my eye lashes so they don't fall out often. I have finished a bottle of this earlier this year and loved the results. 


I then spotted a new product from Nivea lipbalms which is Med Protection. I haven't opened it yet, but it has SPF 15 to protect your lips from getting sunburn.


This one is a top coat from Sally Hansen called Mega Shine. It claims to dry faster, exactly in 60 seconds! I do need a top coat, since I broke my O.P.I RapiDry a few weeks ago. Cruel times, really. I tried this just now and it really does dry as fast as O.P.I's and has a mirror shine on my nails! I love this product now!!


Last, but not least, are the blackhead-removing-tool because I just love picking on them. Yeah, you can say it's gross or whatever, I'm still picking on those nasty blackheads.


My brother wanted to get ice cream, so we went to Food Hall to get Haagen-Dasz. While he's getting ice cream, I'm busy scouting the aisles for a makeup remover wet tissue. 


I was quite surprised to find a heated eyelash curler in Sogo Food Hall and I bought it. I haven't tried this one yet, but will update you on how it works. *fingers crossed*


That it the end of my haul. You want more? Well, I still have some of the other items that I haven't posted yet. So, let me know what you want me to post next time in the comment section below. Hauls, reviews, or even skincare basics, I'll try my best to address your needs. Until next time, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!!