Monday, July 19, 2010

Seagate: An Unexpected Buy

Good afternoon, everybody! Yesterday, I went to Senayan with friends from uni to a computer convention and I was gonna blog about it, but I fell asleep even before I can watermark the photos. It was an unexpected turn of event really because Gen & I don't even know of the convention. A friend mentioned it to us and we ended up going there with them. At first, Gen wanted to look for his targeted graphic card from NVIDIA, but as we got there, we couldn't find a trace of someone selling graphic cards. All we saw were laptops, netbooks, digital camera, cellular phone and external hard disks. Long story short, there were tons of people in the convention and we bought an external hard drive and a Seagate Free Agent Theater.

The Seagate Free Agent Theater is a device that lets you play HD movies, do Youtube streaming and slideshow picture viewing. We went over to the Seagate stand, wanting to find an external HD for our friend, but stumbled on this hardware. We thought about it and how it would be really useful because we almost always watch youtube and HD movies. This would make our lives easier since all we need is a bunch of movies cramped into an external HD, connect it to a functional TV and voila, movie watching time. We decided to buy it since it is discounted from Rp 1,200,000 to Rp 965,000. 

See the slot on the right? That is were you put the Seagate external HD and you can choose to view movies or pictures. However, you will have to buy the external HD from Seagate if you want to insert it into the slot. You can also use another external HD via USB port on the bottom left and connect it to your prefered HD. 
We also managed to get the external HD that will fit into the slotted device mentioned above, just for the sake of looking sleek and kEwL. We got the 500 GB 2.5 inch HD along with the orange pouch as a gift, which is makes the HD looks very cheap. 

I like their bags as well because of its attractive color and that it's reusable. Well, it does look cute and yellow!


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