Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[REVIEW] Cosmetics Organizer

I found an online shop, MuMu Icim Shop , the other day that sells mainly everything-organizer. She has diaper organizer, toiletries organizer, shoes organizer, bag organizer, etc. I then saw a cosmetics organizer and though about my mom because she has been travelling a lot lately, mainly for business purposes and this bag might help her organize her skincare/makeup products in 1 bag. I placed my order and also managed to get one myself, who knows it might come in handy one day, although I rarely travel. The seller is very patient, has a quick response when I placed my order, and packs her products neatly and securely. 

So, I got two cosmetics organizer in khaki and black color, though I still haven't figured out which one to give my mom. Let the pictures do the talking. 
It a square shaped bag size 22x9x15 cm and has a zipper on the side. 

This is how it looks like when you open the bag, it has 3 small zipper bags and 2 large zipper bags. Underneath all those zipper bags, there is another slot for other accessories storage. 

Here is how it looks like when it's packed. These are typically the items that I brought when I'm travelling. As you can see I don't bring much because I don't use heavy eye makeup. As for  brushes, I usually just bring my Ecotools retractable kabuki brush or e.l.f brushes in another case because I don't want to ruin the bristles. I keep them separately in another bag. For cleansers, shampoo and soap, I usually bring them in a plastic-base bag, so that it doesn't get wet when I'm in the shower. 

Another closer look at the 3 small zipper bags, which you can remove.
It's filled with mainly makeup, consisting of powder foundation, concealers, etc.

These are the products that are mainly skincare/liquid foundation, mascara, etc. It's really not that much.

I really can't wait to try this out the next time I go travelling. Probably will persuade my bf to go somewhere just to try this bag out. Nah, just kidding. So, be sure to check out her site on top, just click on the name of the shop to go there. I forgot how much these were, but I really think that they are quite affordable for an organizer. 

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  1. I bought the same organizer too,but mine is in pink color:) Kapan2 mau aku taruh di blog juga ah..:)