Thursday, July 1, 2010

[MINI HAUL] Etude House

The long awaited Hello Kitty Collection from Etude House is finally in my hands!! Well, some of it anyway. They have various makeup items that has the famous cat imprinted on the packaging. Now, let the pictures do the talking, here is what I got in the mail today.

The BB Compact Sheer Glowing Skin SPF 30 Hello Kitty edition. There's another one in the black casing, but I haven't gotten that one yet. Can't wait though, it's being ordered as we speak, mwahahahaha *evil laughter*

Even the box has an imprint of the kitty itself! 

Not to mention, there's even a hologram at the back of the box! Probably to make sure that it's genuine. 

It has a decent mirror with a puff that has Etude House printed on it. 

It also has a cover to separate the puff from touching the pressed powder. 

The best part is.... Look at the pressed powder. IT HAS HELLO KITTY'S FACE IMPRINTED ON IT!! Sorry.. *clears throat* I just can't help myself when I see cute things.

The last item I got was an allover spray from Etude House and it's called Petit Bijou. Petit means small, bijou means gem or jewel, so combined it means small jewel? Pardon my French. I got this in Baby Bubble fragrance and it smells like baby cologne, but more powdery. I love this!!

The pump was the first thing that caught my eye because I never have a spritz that has this kind of pump. 

It has instructions on where to use this spray, but I think I'll just use this on my body. It's too precious to use for spray my room. 

That's all for my post for today. Sorry for the big pictures and lack of words, I just typed this super quick because I wanted to get some rest. I'm just not feeling myself today, hate it so much. Hope you enjoy this super brief post. Thanks for reading! 

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