Saturday, July 10, 2010

[HAUL] Revlon

Hello, people, I'm back with a haul and this time it's from Revlon. I got these at Watsons Kelapa Gading Mall 3, it's a small Revlon counter, but surprisingly quite satisfactory, products wise. At first, I only wanted to get Revlon's Beyond Natural in Light shade, but ended up getting other products. Probably needed the retail therapy anyway after the defeat of Germany by Spain. I still love you though, Schweinsteiger!

So many products from Revlon in one buy! Yeah, I thought so too, but it feels sooooo good after retail (makeup) therapy, because I tried so hard not to have gadgets and computer related retail therapy. It's just waaaay too pricy, so this is a good alternative. So, let's go through the items 1 by 1. 

First item I got was the Blemish Concealer in Light Medium shade. I figured I'm gonna try this out since I have  blemishes and it is a liquid concealer with a doff applicator, much like a lip gloss applicator.

It has a 0.5% salicylic acid, which I just read after I got home. Well, well, well, this just won't do. How can 0.5% salicylic acid help in controlling my blemishes?? Well, at the very least, I got a decent concealer, despite the fact that it won't help in clearing my blemishes. 

If you read my previous post, you should've known that I use Smashbox's Photo Finish Light as my foundation primer and that I love it to death! When I was browsing the other day, I found out about this product that is supposed to have the same properties as the Smashbox. So, I went ahead and purchased this clear, transparent gel in hopes that it will be able to replace my previous primer. *fingers crossed*

When I saw this eyeshadow quad, I just know I had to get it for my mom. She loves her brown colors very much and thought that this might be a good pallet for her. I swatched it at the counter and found that the colors are very pigmented. This quad is in Copper Spice and has two sponge tip applicators inside the box. 

I've always wanted to get their lippies and finally got it. This is the Revlon Colorstay Lipstick.

These are the two colors that I got because I'm into nudes lately. I'm still loving my coral and mauve colors, but I'm falling in love with nudes now. 

I also picked up a Revlon lipgloss in 040 Nude Lustre which compliments the 202 Nude Allure lipstick very well. The packaging is very classy and looks a little bit like the Dior Addicts.

Here are the lip products that I got. See the gloss on the far right side? Pretty classy packaging, don't you think? 

Here are the swatches of the lippie and gloss in natural light. 

Nude Allure on my lips with flash. It's a bit orange on my lips and looks a little weird.

Nude Allure on my lips without flash. I had hopes for this lippie =(

Natural Cashmere on my lips with flash. Surprisingly, it looks better than the last one. 

Natural Cashmere on my lips. The more I look at it, the more I love this color. 

Last, but not least, is the Beyond Natural in 210 Light shade. I got this before but, the shade was a bit yellow on my skin, so, I used it sparingly. This is the lightest shade in this collection and I hope this will be more suitable for my skin tone. I am currently in love with this product because it's not very heavy, but the coverage is medium and this is very buildable.

That was it for my haul/retail therapy, it feels very very good. Try it out sometime, but don't blame me once you get addicted. So, what did you do when you feel down? 


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