Thursday, June 24, 2010

[REVIEW] Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55

Good afternoon, my avid readers (seriously, phan??). I am so happy today because I got a follower, which sums up the total of 3 people. It's okay, I'm quite pleased that there is someone out there reading my blog and find it useful. So, I thought that I'll do a review on a sunscreen product that I have been using for around two weeks. 

I got this at via a seller, Creamymilk, through a pre order system, so my stuff came after a month of purchase. I don't have paypal so that's a real hassle for me getting thing abroad. It's not that Indonesia has a lousy skincare/makeup products, the range are really limited compared to those living in the USA, UK or even Singapore *sobs*. Well, at least, I finally got the product and get to try it out. Here are the results of the judging.

Neutrogena sunblock SPF 55 comes in a tube containing 88 ml of product. The size of the tube is 15 cm x 6.5 cm, so it's quite small that you can fit into your bag for frequent reapplication. The surface of the tube is so  smooth, I can't stop touching it when I first got it!

The active ingredients that make this product stand out is the Helioplex technology (can I call it technology? Oh, well.), which is a combination of Avobenzone and Oxybenzone.  It is said that Oxybenzone helps to stabilize Avobenzone because the unstable property of Avobenzone causes it to have reduced potency after a  few hours of sun exposure. It also contains silicone so it gives that smooth, silky feeling right after you've applied it. For you who have silicone allergies, please be aware of this product. 

What I like about this sunscreen is that it can be applied to both your face and body. So, if you have extremely oily skin, you can use it for your body and if you have dry to normal skin, you can use it on your face without being too heavy. For me, being the combination skin type, it doesn't feel to heavy on my skin. I usually applied it after moisturizer and it gives me that dewy, healthy, glowing look. It doesn't have a matte finish or oily look, which is a good thing coming from a sunscreen. 

It has a twist on cap in order to dispose the product out of the tube. So, you just squeeze the tube lightly to get the product out. Since I am a pump-fanatic, I really wished this had come in a pump instead, but I think that would increase the cost of the product, so I'm happy as it is. I have to, for the sake of the cost over efficiency. Plus, it would make it more hygienic with a pump. Stop thinking of the pump! *inner voice*. So far, I had no problems whatsoever in matters of dispensing the sunscreen, they always come in the right amount. 

The swatch on the back of my hand. It comes out quite thick that it scared me at first. I thought that it would be very greasy and wouldn't blend well and it would leave a white cast. That sounds very scary, doesn't it? Well, I'm grateful that all of that thought were quickly eliminated once I tried it on. It feels really light on my combination face, smells really fresh, doesn't have that sticky or greasy finish, and the best part is it doesn't break me out! It has quite a high SPF because normally I would only use SPF 15, indoors or outdoors, which I would say is enough. 

Overall, I like this sunscreen because of it's light finish and only having a hint of fragrance. However, they are not readily available in Indonesia, as usual. You would have to buy it online or if you have a friend/relatives living in Singapore, tell them to get it for you from Watsons. I use to avoid using sunscreen because they feel really greasy on my face and that I thought it wouldn't be that important to wear it. I was wrong. 


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