Saturday, June 26, 2010

[REVIEW] The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Foundation SPF 25

It's 10 minutes past midnight and I can't sleep. I was thinking of watching the soccer match, but I don't even know who's up against who. I think it's Spain VS ..... It's now the next day and I'm watching Uruguay - Korea Republic. Well, it's not like it's gonna have any effect on my life anyway. I was going through my drawers earlier today and found a product that needs to be reviewed for a long time. So, without further ado, here it is. 

As mentioned in my previous post, it is very important to have sufficient sun protection in your skincare. However, Begoun states that when you apply foundation over your sunscreen, it might (doesn't mean it will!) break down the sunscreen and reduce its effectiveness in protecting our skin. That means, it is also important to choose a foundation that has SPF 25 or above, just to be on the safe side. You also have to remember that even if you used, for example,  a sunscreen SPF 50 + foundation with SPF 25, you don't get SPF 75 on your skin. It does, however, increases the protection that you get. (1) 

This is the Nature's Mineral Foundation SPF 25 from The Body Shop and it retails at Rp 229000,- for 5g. It might be a little expensive for some, but I can, thankfully, still afford it. I got mine in shade 01, which is the lightest shade available. Weird, huh? Since I usually get the second or third lightest shade. I decided not to get shade 02 because when I tried swatching it on my wrist, it came out a little darker and yellower. I like the container because it looks really casual, but at the same time it looks chic. 

It is in a round, jar container with a screw-on top, with a diameter of 5.7 cm and height of 3cm. Once you open it, you'll find a sifter, which is really helpful in limiting the amount of powder you want to use. I tried carrying it around with me in my bag and it doesn't take too much space, but the content got passed the sifter and it pooled on top of the sifter. I have to shake it a couple of times to try to get the powder down. It doesn't have a fragrance, only that usual powder smell that I'm sure you're all familiar with. In addition, it's supposed to have a small leaflet on how to use mineral makeup, but I think I've lost it, seeing as how unkempt my room is currently. 

Here is the back of the container which tells information on when the product will be expired. See the picture of a jar being opened and has "36 M" on it? Well, that is how long the product will have expired once you open the product. This powder foundation has an expiration date of three years (36 months) from when you've opened it. 

Here is how the sifter looks like up close and personal. It helps in settling the powders that have been filtered to be tipped over to the top of the jar. I really prefered this type of mesh sifter compared to a normal punched-hole sifter that doesn't have a mesh like Everyday Minerals. This minimizes waste and spill compared to my Everyday Minerals. 

The powder has a really fine texture and goes on really smooth on my face. It's really easy to blend and gave quite a good coverage if you only have mild acne and minimal acne scars. If you have moderate acne, like me, then you would have to use a concealer after. It evens out my skin tone, especially the redness on my cheeks and the dark spots on my right cheek. It is a very buildable powder foundation, but doesn't give you a cakey finish. 

Here is the swatch without flash. I like how it brightens my complexion almost instantly and gives a natural finish look. It lasted for around 6 hours until I have to touch up, which I usually don't. It doesn't clog my pores, hence doesn't invite the usual acne residents to come and make a comfortable home on my face. I use this mineral powder in conjunction with my TBS Kabuki Brush or e.l.f SL Kabuki. 

While using this powder, I noticed that the oil on my skin has somewhat reduced. I guess the Kaolin is really absorbing the excess oil that is sitting on top of my face. The Mica is what gives a smooth, silky finish once I finished applying this powder. Another great thing about mineral makeup is that most of them contains Titanium Dioxide, which plays a role as a sunscreen that reflects UVA/UVB and protecting your skin more thoroughly. 

However, I wouldn't recommend using this product if you were to go out at night where there will be tons of flash photography. Why you ask? The Titanium Dioxide would also reflect the flash from a camera, resulting in a whitish cast or ghostly face in most of your photos. If you already have fair, perfect skin, then this wouldn't matter, but if you have a medium to dark skin, would you really want to have a ghost like white face with a dark colored arm? Seriously. I would suggest you use another type of foundation that doesn't have SPF or is termed PhotoReady like Revlon's, if you want to go out at night or have a flash photography session. 

Overall, I really like this powder foundation and I might repurchase if I run out of the product. I like Everyday Minerals, but it's just such a hassle to pre order them because they're not readily available here. Anyway, if some of you are reading and don't know how to apply mineral makeup (which is impossible), here are the steps.

1. Tip the container upside down, with the cap still on and tap it gently.
2. Still in the same position, open the cap slowly to minimize spillage.
3. Take your kabuki brush or flat top brush and swirl it on the cap that's filled with powder.
4. Tap of any excess powder
5. Apply on your face in circular motions evenly all over your face. Remember circular motions helps to blend the powder evenly and makes the look more natural.
6. Don't forget to blend into your hairline, jawline and neck to avoid the appearance of wearing a mask!

So, mineral makeup anyone? Do let me know what your favorite mineral makeup products are. Cheers!

1. Begoun,P. The Original Beauty Bible. Chapter 7: Sun Sense & Sensibility, p 97. 2009


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