Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Guilty Pleasures

For today, let's take a breather from reviewing products and do something else that's fun. I will list a few of my guilty pleasures and reasons why I think they are. I will then tag a few of you and you need to also list what your guilty pleasures are. It's up to you how many of them you want to list. You can put pictures, write brief review, or anything you wanted to do. Tag others if you want to as long as you are having fun.

Guilty pleasures are something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it (source: Wikipedia). So, now you know what it is, let's start with mine.

5. Taylor Swift
I admit it! I like TS, even though at first I totally dissed her "Love Story" song, thinking that she's just some dumb blonde (well, that hasn't changed). However, I borrowed her Fearless album from a friend and listened to it for about a week. Wrong move. Now, I like every song that's in that album and am able to actually sing along as the song goes. 

4. Cheese Flavored Chiki Balls

This has always been a staple in my house. It is a must in my household, no matter what. I don't want any other sissy flavors that they provided, being chocolate and chicken extracts. I know I should probably stop eating them because they are 100% chemical, but it taste so goooood!! I can't stop at one packet, I need moreee!!

3. Blackberry Mobile Phone

Those who knew me before I ever have a Blackberry must realize that I dislike the phone. I got the phone to be able to chat with my Blackberry friends on the Blackberry Messenger. I intended to get an Android phone way back before I got my Curve 8900. Now, I feel like cheating on my lovely Android. Someday soon, my love.. We'll be together..

2. Windows OS

Do I need to explain this? I betrayed my Ubuntu and moved on with Windows 7. There! Ya happy?!? I thought I was just gonna try out 7 and to my surprise, I never went back to Ubuntu. I guess I got too comfortable using this OS and was too lazy to go back.

1. Chocolate

Duh! Who doesn't have this item as a guilty pleasure?? Well, there is a friend of mine that absolutely despises chocolate. Who could resist their creamy, rich, bitter taste blended together in that smooth and chunky bite? I can't!! 

What are your guilty pleasures??


  1. omaigat! i DO love "Love Story" Taylor Swift x)

  2. It's ok if u like Taylor Swift, but I use to make fun of her songs until I heard them myself. hahaha, what are your other guilty pleasures? btw, nice to meet you!! ^___^