Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello, my few but frequent readers. I may bore you with a few hauls that I'll do in the next few weeks. It's just because the stuff that I had pre ordered are now arriving slowly, one by one at my house. However, this mini haul is not one of the pre orders on my list. I just wanted to get my hands on all of the colours from the Etude House Peach Water Gloss line. I ordered this from a seller on Facebook, Ms.Lie, which I might say is a highly recommended seller as she has a nice personality, very friendly and patient in handling her customers. The prices she offered were also cheaper compared to the counters, but I can assure you that the products she's selling are genuine.She also has a blog, but I forgot what it was, you can probably ask her directly. Anyway, I'll start with the story-telling-picture like my previous post. It's fun. 

Today, a packet covered in cute wrapping paper arrived. It's from Ms. Lie!!

I removed the bubble wraps as they prove to be a distraction. I got two glosses in Strawberry Milk (bottom) and Peach Milk (top). The details on the gloss cap are just too adorable!

The gloss applicator is in a shape of a heart, but my camera's not good enough to actually zoom in that much. It makes the application a lot easier than a brush applicator like Borjuis lip gloss. In addition, it's fuzzy!

Here is the swatch taken without flash. You can see that the colour is quite similar and the only difference is the shimmers present in Strawberry Milk. I like the peach one. 

The swatch taken with flash. You can actually notice the shimmer on the strawberry milk.

Here is Peach Milk on my lips. Pardon the bad swatch, I forgot to use lip concealer. I usually do because my upper lip is a bit pigmented on the edges.

Here is Strawberry Milk, which surprisingly looks gorgeous, despite the presence of shimmers. It actually covers most of the dark pigmentation on my upper lip. 

Ms.Lie was kind enough to give a sample of Etude House's O2 White Toner. Isn't she great or what? I would probably give this to my friend, just because she already had the lotion, but not the toner. Still, it's great to receive a sample!

That's it for the haul from Ms.Lie. I forgot to add that both glosses smells like peach and very moisturizing on my lips. I already have two other colours in Apricot Water and Watermelon Water, which are my fave glosses currently. Too bad, they have a short staying colour, but then again it IS a gloss, not a lipstick or lip tint. 

I'm beginning to like this style of writing a haul post. I think I'll post a haul like this from now on. Hope you enjoy reading this post. Cheers!


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