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[LIST] Worst Purchases Part 1

I think it's gonna be a while for me to post reviews on skincare products because I'm recently trying out Paula's Choice and I wanted to make sure that I use it for a good time before doing a review on them. Instead, I think it's gonna be exciting to do some lists of products that are unsatisfactory, be it skincare or makeup. For now, I've decided to do a list of products that doesn't work for me or piss me off in a bad way.

Before we start, I would like to put a disclaimer so people won't message me saying that some of the products work on them so they must be a God-sent item and that I must not diss them at all. Believe it or not, there are people who just doesn't understand the definition of opinion.

DISCLAIMER: The products I listed here doesn't work for me, so it might just as well work for you. If it does work for you, then great please continue using them and move on with your life. I buy all the products here by myself and I wasn't paid to do this mini review because they are my own opinion. Oh, and I'm not affiliated with any of the companies that make this product. 

Right, let's start off with a facial cleanser from Etude House. This one is called Baking Powder: Pore Cleansing Powder Wash. It's meant to be used alone mixed with a little bit of water or in conjunction with your usual cleanser so it works like a scrub. It's supposed to get deep into your pores and cleanses everything away down the drain. I used it twice and it immediately broke me out! I ended with having three pimples on my nose that took me a week to clear it up. Urggh!! So much for pore cleansing. CMIIW, but isn't having a pimple (in my case, 3 PIMPLES!!!) a sign of clogged pores?! I feel so ripped off, it cost me Rp 190000,-!! This was waaaayyy back when I don't know squat about skincare, damn it. 

The next item that I find unsatisfactory is The Body Shop Moisture White UV Protection Cream SPF 25/PA+++. I got this because I needed to lighten my dark spots, but at the same time be protected from the awful rays of the sun. Since this has Vitamin C, I thought it might help me with my dark spots. I used this for about a week and I ended up having small bumps on my cheeks. It's not pimples, just small bumps that itches a little bit. It quite annoys me because I ended up scratching those bumps all day long and got a small scar on that spot. Imagine how pissed off I am!! Also, this product feels really heavy and sticky on my combination oily skin type. I noticed a white cast whenever I apply this on my face. So, with all the negativity, I decided to give it to my bf to try. He used it for around 5 days and ended up with the same small bumps on his cheeks. I seriously don't know what those bumps are. Damage cost : Rp 249000,- 

Another product that I thought would help in my never ending quest to eliminate my dark spots. Oriflame Even Out Face Cream SPF 20 contains liquorice extract and Vitamin C which is sorta like a dupe for TBS Moisture White series. I was having high hopes for this product because it was a best seller in Oriflame's catalog. The minutes I put it on my face I just knew that this would be a potential pimple activating item. It was a thick, white colored cream that has a sticky, heavy finish on my face. I let that sit on my face for about 15 minutes and it is STILL STICKY. I tried it for 2 days and hello pimple! I have a single pimple on my forehead that thankfully, cleared within two days. I haven't used it again until now because I already have a better sunscreen. Damage Cost: Rp 70000,- (est).

Let's move on to masks and here we have Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque which is supposed to help in clearing acne and absorbing excess oil you have on your face. This product is highly raved in most beauty forums and a go-to mask for those who wanted to shrink that red, angry acne on their face. So, then why are you putting it in this list, Phanie?? If you have read my previous post on skin irritants, you'll surely know that mint is one of them. When I put this all over my face, it STINGS so badly that I nearly cried. As usual, people say that it stings because it's working. Well, you wanna know what I think? It stings because it's IRRITATING your skin. Sure, some claims to have smaller pores after using this mask. Do you know that your pores shrink/appear smaller just because the mint is irritating your pores that it swells deep inside your skin and gave that smaller appearance? Yes, your pores are shrinking because they are swollen, not because they're refined! Imagine a person with large beady eyes is having an allergic reaction that his face swells, would you say that his eyes look smaller? Of course, it does! Damage Cost: Rp 120000,- (est.).

Next time an item gets discounted, I'll have to make sure that it won't cheat me. This one, however, cheated me, Oriflame Face Primer. It claims to absorb excess oil, hence giving a good oil control while wearing makeup. It also claims to give a smooth, silky finish once applied and I believed it because it contains silicone. However, this doesn't do what it claims to. It has bad oil control and has a sticky finish, instead of a silky one. I'm really disappointed with this one because I really wanted this to work on my face. Damage Cost: Rp 29900 (from Rp 59000,-).

This product has lifted my hopes, only to crush them and let them rot in a ditch. e.l.f Corrective Concealer is a cream type concealer that comes in four shades of 2 beige colored, a green tinted and a pink lavender-ish tinted concealers. Sure, the case looks really chic, but if the product inside is crappy then why would I want to have the case? It comes with a small applicator brush, but I lost it somehow. 

I tried to swatch some on my fingers, but even that is hard. Being a cream texture, it's really not that creamy at all. It's very drying and is very hard to blend. I tried blow drying with a hair dryer, in hopes that it would warm up and be a bit easier to blend, but it doesn't help. On my face, it's really not that good in covering blemishes, I need to use a lot of product to achieve a concealed look. Damage Cost: Rp 40000,- (est.)

I'm usually not into eye makeup, but I bought this one because it was on sale then. Etude House Oh~m'Eye Lash is an eye lash primer that is used before you put mascara. It's supposed to make your mascara last longer throughout the day. Now, I don't usually use mascaras, only at times when I feel that my eyes would cooperate. 

The product is white in color and has a mascara wand applicator. This product gives my eye lashes a spiky appearance which looks pretty weird even my bf commented on my lashes when I used them. He says that my lashes looked shocked, like it just heard a bad news. I don't despise the product, I just don't see the need to have long lasting spiky lashes. Damage Cost: don't remember, but it was below Rp100000,-. 

While we're on the subject of eye makeup, TheFaceShop Glamax Mascara is one of things I bought purely out of appearance. The tip of the mascara is just too cute to pass, so I went along and got it. This is a lengthening mascara in black. Apart from the packaging being so very cute, I'm sorry to say that I look forward in scrutinizing this product.

It has an "S" curved wand, which is commonly found in most lengthening mascaras. However, it doesn't lengthen my lashes as nicely as my Mavala mascara. This mascara took longer to dry compared to Mavala mascara and it clumps as your try to do more than 1 coat. 

Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo is another one to go into the waste bin, instead of in my vanity drawers. This is an eyeliner that has a felt tip, marker-like appearance, rather than a pencil tip. It draws a very fine, thin line that is sometimes invisible. Other times it works, but most of the times, it malfunctions.
 I thought that this might be a good product since it sort of like a mix between pencil and liquid liner, but turns out to be horrible. 

I had a hard time working to make a line on my eyes because sometimes when I have to much foundation, the colors just won't show. I have to draw several times and even that won't work! You have to store this in an upright position, with the tip being on top. If not, the ink/color will leak to your hands or worse, to your clothes. It happened to me once and it upset me all day. Damage Cost: Rp 50000,- (est.)

Stila Iluminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 is my first Stila products ever. It your usual tinted moisturizer but with an added feature that's suppose to brighten your face. I love products that is not as heavy as a foundation, but still serves the purpose of evening out my skin tone. 
I was dead sure that I'm gonna loveeeee this product to death because I can practically say that I'm raised by tinted moisturizers. ZA was my first and it kinda evolved from there. However, the moment I blended the product on my face, I really absolutely can't stand the smell. My nose felt as if being poked by a strong chemical scent that won't go away even after a few minutes of application. I'm not really a complainer in the scent department, but somehow I really can't bear this smell. So, I'm really sorry to have to put this product in the worst purchases category. Stila Lovers, do me a favor and read the DISCLAIMER before sending me hate messages, LoL. Damage Cost: Rp 150000,- (est.).

The Body Shop Seaweed Pore Perfector have to be included in this post because it just broke me out. I won't say much about this because I didn't feel it does anything for my pores for the past 2 weeks. I continued having pimples on areas where I applied this product. 

It's a light brown gel type texture that's supposed to help clean your pores and reduce the size of your pores. I tried this firstly on my nasal area because it has the largest pores on my entire face. Few minutes after, that area turns really oily that I have to blot it with a oil blotting film, I don't know why that happens, but I kept on using it because I thought it's how the dirt and grime is being cleaned. However, the night after I used this, I have 2 pimples on my nasal area in the morning. You can tell how sad I am seeing another pimple, but don't worry everyone, my skin is now taken care of by Paula's Choice and I haven't seen a pimple in a while. Damage Cost: Rp 100000,- (est.)

Last but definitely not least is the e.l.f Professional Total Face Brush. I've read so many reviews that said this brush is one of the best from the e.l.f professional line (apart from their concealer brush). I have to say that this brush is not soft, it's stiff, it sheds a lot, the first time I washed it, the water turns red. WTH?! Maybe it's because the price is cheap, but the concealer brush is very good compared to this one. After washing this brush, it's really hard to get it back to it original form and it's not fluffy at all. Damage Cost: Rp 30000,-

That's it for the first part of my worst purchases. If you like this, stay tuned for other products that doesn't pass my bar of criteria. Do you have products that you regret buying? 



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