Monday, June 14, 2010

[HAUL] Sana

Let's just cut to the chase today and move on to the products from SANA. When you take a glimpse at the products, you'll definitely know why I bought them. I'll post pictures and tell the story along.

Today, a packet arrived & I'm puzzling over the contents.

Turns out it's from!! Ureshiiii~~!

I got distracted by these little babies for a second..

Here's the content of the packet. Surprisingly, I only got four things, but with one similarity. Can you tell?

Uruoitaishi Moisture Gel. It's like a Japanese Daruma doll that always stands up on its own. The gel is very moisturizing and surprisingly light! It can also be used over makeup. That's always a plus!

Make Essence Eye & Lip Concealer. The alligator caught my eyes in an instant. It's supposed to camouflage fine lines and wrinkles. Quick sniff, the scent is quite similar to that of a putty.

Make Essence Pore Concealer. Honestly, the baby seal looks very cute & appealing, I have to get it! It's supposed to "erase" the appearance of blackheads &large pores, but even if it doesn't I'll always have a CUTE concealer.

Well, that's all the stuff I get from Sasa. I didn't order there directly, instead I asked a seller at Kaskus to order it for me. The package arrived around two weeks, give or take, safely at my house. This is the second time I ordered from him and is very pleased with the service. If you guys wanted to know his services, click on the link here. It'll take you straight to the seller and you can message him, asking about the product you wanted to order. It can be from makeup, skincare, action figures, toys, books, etc. Be sure to visit his thread to find out more. 

P.S: Pictures does tell a thousand words! Or not.. Hope you enjoy the cute displays on the product. I know I did. 


  1. Steph U're an angel! I've been wanting to order from Sasa, but I'm kinda afraid to buy Paypal Balance from sellers in Kaskus (since it's a quite amount of money). Now I have the solution, gonna be ordering ASAP. Thx again ;)

  2. awh, me an angel? You're too kind, sweetie! I feel kinda bad since I sorta make your wallet cry even more now =p Nonetheless, have a great hauling time!!