Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[HAUL] Etude House Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek

To continue with my haul, this one is from RieButik. It's my first time buying from this seller and I find that she is an excellent and trustworthy merchant. She packs her merchandises really neat and safe, with all the bubble wraps inside. You can check out her site here --> RIEBUTIK. 

Another packet arrived today and I thought that the box is too big from my Etude House Cream Blush. However, when I saw the sender's name, I was pretty stunned at how big the box is. I opened and found my cream blush wrapped in bubble wraps and newspaper balls to ensure the safety of the item. 

On first glance, I immediately "ooh"ed and "aah"ed at the angel wings. That is just too cute to be thrown away!!

After I'm done being distracted by the packaging, I unfolded the wings, only to see the instructions on how to use the product. The ingredients were all in Korean, so I can't tell you what they are. 

Here is the lovely angel that is imprinted on the front of the product. It's a cream blush from Etude House and retails at Rp 82000,- , which I find quite cheap because I've seen other prices ranging at around Rp 100000,- and above. 

It's in a 7 grams jar container with a twist off cap. The contents are quite generous as you would need a small amount on every application. I love multi purpose makeup as it shortens the makeup time, especially when you're in a hurry. This can be used on the cheeks and lips.

I got mine in #2 Lovely Angel, which is a peach colored cream blush. I took some of the products with my fingertips and the consistency is very smooth. 

I swatched the blush on my hands and found that the color is very pigmented, which is good. I didn't try to blend it though, but I reckon it will have a powdery finish. I'll update you on the end result later. The color turned out to be a favorite of mine, since it's not pink nor red. This is a swatch taken without flash. 

Here is a swatch taken with flash. You can see that there's no shimmers or glitters in this blush/lip cream. 

I haven't tried it on my cheeks, but here's one on my lips taken without flash. Surprisingly, for a peach blush, it came out pink on my lips. Nevertheless, I still like the color it gives my lips. 

Here is the one taken with flash. You can see this being more pink in color than in the photo without flash. It's a bit drying on the lips, so I would suggest using a lip balm before or gloss after this. 

Overall, I really like the multi tint cream from Etude House, but as usual, they're still not available in the counters. Right now, I am thinking of collecting all four of those multi tint creams. Wrong? Oh well.. 


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