Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[HAUL] e.l.f

It's been a while since i did a haul post and this time all the products are from e.l.f cosmetics. No, I don't order them directly from the states, I found a seller which is a really sweet girl with the screen name of fanta46 and was actually patient enough to wait for my order to be placed. I was gonna order the NYX round lipstick in Circe for a friend, but since she didn't let me know whether she wanted it or not, I didn't order it. The seller was kind enough to wait for my friend's confirmation and in the end she send those items the minute I gave her the news. You can check out her thread over HERE, just click on the link. You can look at the items and text her the ones you want. It's that simple. She is a trustworthy, patient and nice girl to have transactions with. 

Here are the items I got from e.l.f line. Surprised that I only got 4, huh? Tell me about it. 
*roll eyes in disbelief*

The first item is the Complexion Perfection which is supposed to conceal all of your imperfections and brightens your complexion with one swipe (maybe 2-3 swipes) of a brush onto your face. I've been wanting to get this item because it was raved by many people and I finally got it today, *sniffs*.

This is how it looks like out of the box, an elegant, chic case, quite similar like NARS' cases, but e.l.f's got a glossy shine, where NARS' has a doff finish. I like how the e.l.f packages their products, simply put, I love their cases!

I opened it and inside is a full sized mirror and 4 concealing colours; yellow, green, blue and pink. You all know what the colors do right? Green is for redness/blemishes, yellow is for dark spots, pink is for under eye area, and I'm not that sure about the blue one. 

The red pink color has the e.l.f logo imprinted on it. Looks very classy and expensive coming from e.l.f. I love their studio line so much, it's just has a value for money, especially for someone like me who only wears makeup occasionally. 

Here are the swatches without flash on my fingertips. They might look like they have colors, but don't worry because once blended into your face, it will turn translucent, but have already corrected the imperfections. I can't wait to try these out!!

The next item I got was the eyelash curler because mine sort of broke the other day and I thought I'd try this one out. I wanted the one in black, but all she had was the pink colored and I didn't mind that. I'm beginning to grew fond of pink. *blushes*

I was jumping for joy on the spot when I saw that she had the dessert shop lip tints! Unfortunately, this is the only shade that she had, but that didn't bother me. If you know me, then you knew that I got this merely for the shape of the container. 

It's a tin container that has a picture of cherry on the front. It's too cute!

To open it, the container has a slide on top that reveals the red colored product that is inside. Look really creamy, doesn't it?

Here is the swatch without flash. Looks pretty much like a sheer red colored lip tint that will hopefully turn good on my lips. Well, even if it doesn't, I still like the tin container that it comes in!

The last item I got was a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 in Rosy Beige shade. I told ya that I'm a tinted moisturizer addict. I don't like the feeling of heavy foundation on my face, it feels suffocating and pore clogging (well, not all of them feel the same).

Here the list of ingredients. I find the Titanium Dioxide to be a good sunscreen because it reflects light, instead of absorbing them like the other sunscreen. The triglyceride worries me because sometimes I break out if I use products containing this ingredient. Fingers crossed this works!

Here is the swatch on my hand without flash. It's a beige color with a yellow undertone, which is perfect for my skin tone. I'll try this as soon as I can and let you know how this turns out!

That's is the end of the e.l.f haul, hopefully I do a review of each one of them soon, especially the tinted moisturizer. Have you tried e.l.f yet? 


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