Monday, June 7, 2010

[HAUL] Baviphat

Have you heard of Baviphat? It's from Korea and has the cutest packaging for the skin care and cosmetic line. I was interested when I saw the containers that is fruit shaped. I just have to get them! So, I went to chicprincessa's pre order website and placed my order about a month ago. Today, my stuff came along with two samples.

I've always love packages. It's filled with surprises!

Insides stuffed with bubble wraps

They're here!!

Brightening Mask

Look at that creamy texture!

Magic Lip Tint

BB Cream sample

Collagen mask sample

I'm really thankful for the sample that was provided to me, but I think the collagen wouldn't work in plumping my skin. Why you ask? In most articles I've read about collagen, it's stated that collagen molecules often found in creams or lotions are too large to penetrate the pores of our skin. Therefore, those collagen molecules would be trapped on the outer side of the skin, not doing anything to improve the appearance of wrinkles or even stocking our facial collagen supply. I haven't read any articles that have suggested other wise regarding the use of topical collagen. However, we can help our skin produce collagen by applying antioxidants (vitamin A,C,E) or CoQ10, rather than slabbing tons of collagen cream. Well, this is what I have read lately and it's up to you to still use the collagen based creams, if you think you have seen improvements in the wrinkle department. The choice is up to you. 

Shall I give or sell?

Oh! I bought the same lip tint few weeks before I got this one, so I am thinking of giving it away. If you would like the peach magic lip tint with its cute peach looking container, drop me a message and we'll talk! 


  1. stephanie,,i really like mango brightening mask! it's cool x) i got the sample from cupcalicious.and i think i was fall in love with that! ♥_♥ and now i just bought tomatox brightening mask ;)

  2. review lip tint nya duongs sis ^^
    penasaran sama produknya baviphat..
    btw dilihat dari foto, ukuran lip tint nya sepertinya kecil sekali ya..

  3. @lie: waahh, I'm waiting for ur review on the tomato mask then! =)

    @yurina: good idea! ga kepikiran aq review si lip tint. Baiklah kalo begitu, ditunggu yah reviewnya..