Monday, May 17, 2010

Tea Tree Oil & Makeup Brushes

The other day I was cleaning my vanity corner (gosh, that sounds so posh!), I noticed something I should have done a week ago. I FORGOT to deep clean my brushes!! So, I took them immediately to the bathroom and noticed that I ran out of baby shampoo. Arrgghh, this just keeps getting worse, me thinks. Then, I saw a bottle of The Body Shop's Tea Tree Facial Wash and thought that it might be a good idea to wash my brushes with that. I mean, why not? Clearly, it's an antiseptic and it doesn't dry out my skin when I use it, I then figured to go with it.

The experimental TTO

The result was beeee~~autiful that I nearly shed a tear in the end. My brushes was completely clean, they smell great and not to mention nearly germ free because of the antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil. However, the greatness doesn't stop there. When the brushes is totally dry (air dry people not blow dry!), it goes back to their original puffiness and it is uber soft to the touch.

My puffy e.l.f kabuki brush

My also puffy Masami Shouko kabuki

I like my new brush cleaner (read: Tea Tree Oil) and feel that there is no need for me to purchase a separate, specialized brush cleaner. I usually deep cleanse my brushes once a week and spot cleansing after each usage. I normally use a makeup remover cloth by Purederm to wipe off excess oil and dirt after using each of my brushes. I did this not because I'm suffering from OCD, but because I'm suffering from acne =p
This really helps take off the dirt


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