Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Issue #1

Well, we meet again although I'm not sure who I'm talking to since I don't have any blog followers. LOL, but nonetheless that is not the point of me writing blogs, it's just to keep me occupied with writing and not losing that touch. Besides, I feel sort of relieved when I write. I guess it's just one of the things that kept me sane all these years.

On to the point, I am thinking of turning this into a habit of mine because there's nothing to lose anyway. So, I was certain that I will post minimal every Monday of the week about anything. Be it reviews, ramblings, how my day went, but certainly not FOTD or even LOTD. Well, I probably will do them in the future, but not now.

So, let's start with the first ever Monday Issue from your truly (phanie14). I was supposed to go to Central Park today, but I totally forgot until my friend tweeted asking me what time I shall arrive there. I immediately texted my driver and luckily enough he was able to drive me there. I reached there at 5 pm (more or less) and we had an early dinner at Sushi Tei. The others have arrived and I was the last one to get there. Nevertheless, we had fun catching up after months of not seeing each other. It was a lot of fun seeing them again and surely will look forward to another meeting with them. Miss you guuuyss!!

Another high point of my day that I didn't expect was the arrival of my Drop Dead T Shirt that I had previously ordered months ago , that I had completely forgotten about it. I ordered four pieces for me and Gen in purple and white color.

Drop Dead Alligator

Imprinted on the backside

Drop Dead Organs

Imprinted on the back lower right corner

It came in plastics, these are Gen's

The logo

On that note, that is how my Monday went. I was supposed to post this last night, but my internet choked and died in a ditch, so I am posting it now on a Tuesday. Thanks a lot to my internet provider FASTNET who has provided me with the unlimited and lightning fast speed, who just so happen to regurgitate shit out of their noses last night. Nonetheless, I bid you Adieu.

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