Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me and Mineral Makeup

You must have already known about this brand from a loooong time ago, but I don't. Mineral makeup is a new thing for me and I found out about because I grew tired of using my ZA tinted moisturizer. That, and it started to break me out, resulting in small zits that looks enraged with their whitish ooze. That's when I started to look for other alternatives and stumbled on to mineral makeup. It's supposed to be good for people with oily or acne prone skin type because they contain natural ingredients which might include mica, titanium oxide and zinc oxide. They are blend naturally into fine lines and wrinkles, giving a flawless, natural look. Oh, and they're supposed to have a good oil control and mattifies the skin.

Well, they sure as well sold me on the first sentence, so I decided to went in search for the mineral makeup. My first mineral makeup is from The Body Shop Nature's Mineral Foundation with SPF 25. It was quite an expensive powder foundation, costing me Rp 229000,- for 5g of it. This is a non-comedogenic product and blends easily when applied to my face. I got one in shade number 2 along with the brush which I paid for separately at Rp 189000,-. It is really expensive for a kabuki brush, but not to fret I found a dupe for TBS kabuki brush from Masami Shouko. I'll do a separate review on the brushes.

Another mineral makeup product that I really love is Everyday Minerals. The first product I tried is their concealer and never look back ever since. I have done a review on their concealers here. I have also tried their finishing powder in kaolin bronze or something like that and it really does what it claims to do, which is controlling the oil on my face. It gives me 4 hours untill I have to blot again. That is a really long time for oil control on my face.

What I really like about mineral makeup is that it is able to give me a flawless yet natural look. Natural here means that it's not cakey at all so I look as if I'm not wearing any makeup on my face. Another thing I like about this is that it doesn't smudge as much around my nose area where my glasses cushions rest upon. If I'm not wearing minerals, that area would look reddish and the dent where the cushions used to lay would be visible. I have been using this for around 6 months and didn't have any break outs. I only had acne when I'm hormonal and it's that time of the month.

I would recommend oily skin people and acne prone skin people to use mineral makeup, but make sure that you have no allergies towards the common ingredients found in mineral makeup (mica, titanium oxide, zinc oxide). When you're clear with all those ingredients, go ahead and try it. Mineral makeup rules!


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