Monday, May 31, 2010


I found another online shop which has a cute and adorable name. It's Cupcalicious. Told you it was cute! I was browsing at this discussion group where people list the online shops that are recommended and browsed all the way there. There are ready stocks and pre orders for various Korean brands such as banilla co, baviphat, BRTC, etc.

I thought I'd tried this shop because some of the products are rarely seen in most online shops, especially Tony Moly products. Since this shop is new, I tried buying the face mask to see what kind of services they offer. Turns out that they're quite professional at dealing with the customer's transaction records. They have a cart and checkout system, so they notify you via email to confirm the things you have purchased. You can pay by wire transfer through various banks such as Mandiri, BCA, Permata, Paypal, etc. So, I checked out the products I wanted and waited for them to arrive.

I ordered two VOV face masks, one Baviphat magic lip tint, and dr.Jart's Silver & Black label. I also got samples of sunscreens from brands I've never heard before. All of my purchase was packed safely in a white box and the insides were also packed with bubble wraps. It took a day for my order to arrive and that is fast delivery service.

So, let's start picking on the items one by one. First item are the VOV masks Sake Noki face mask and Green Tea Collagen wash off mask. Both have adorable packaging that is in a shape of a corked bottle. How cute is that! I will try these and do a separate review, if they are really worth it.

The second item is the Baviphat Peach Magic Lip Tint which is a lip balm that magically transform your lips to a natural pinkish red colour. The lip balm container has a peach shape and a twist off cap, so you have to use your brush or fingers to apply them. I tried it on my lips and it did what it claimed to do, but it was too sticky for my preference. No worries though, I still like the container!

The third and last item I got from Cupcalicious was Dr.Jart+'s Silver and Black label BB cream. Yes, I know I already found my HG BB cream, but it doesn't hurt to find cheaper alternatives for it. I also got another free tube of the Golden Skin79 BB Cream, but it is for people with dry skin, so I won't use it and is thinking of giving it away. Those interested in this, please just leave a comment and I'll message you asking for your address.

That is it for the Cupcalicious haul and I will certainly recommend this online shop to all of you because it is a reliable, professional and trusted shop. Don't forget to leave comments if you want the Skin79 Gold Collection!

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  1. ah~ did u already give away the skin79 bb cream? :( im interested with bb cream! kkk