Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day At The Dentist

I went to get my tooth fixed today because last night the patch sorta cracked and fell off. At first, I was afraid since my regular dentist is closed on the weekends and my tooth is starting to piss me off. However, I remembered a dentist available in Artha Gading Mall and decided to try it out today.

It was located in front of the Starbucks Coffee in Artha Gading Mall and it was called Dental Care ArthaGading (I'm not sure, I'm just looking at my credit card receipt). The receptionist is really friendly and gave me my member card. There was no queue at all and I was the next patient to go inside, once the patient inside is already finished with their treatments. I sat at the couch in the waiting room, flipping through magazines and watching FOX Crime to pass the time.

I waited for around 10 minutes before I was told to enter the examination room. The dentist was a friendly and kind person, asking me about the history and so on. After the brief history of how I cracked my tooth (I brushed it off and found a hard sediment on the sink), he told me to get comfortable with the dentist chair. He told me that I needed to get a new patch for my tooth so that it'll be even again. I agreed and he got started on patching my tooth. It was a painless and brief procedure, all in under 20 minutes. He is a good dentist, with all the criteria of steady hands, full concentration and everything else. He finished up and told me to go to the cashier to pay.

It cost me Rp245000,- for a tooth. Well, it's cheaper than my regular dentist, I guess. I think I'll be going to this dentist more often now that I know the quality of the dental care.


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