Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Etude House Mini Haul

Today, I am going to do my hauls from Etude House because I bought several items that are on special price (for members only). I have been using EH's products for almost 4 months now and so far it doesn't break me out, except for the blue BB cream. My face was fine using their other makeup products.So, I won't waste anymore of your time and list the things that I got from EH.

Dear Darling Lips 301
Dear Darling Lips 003
Eyebrow Kit 02
Oh m'Eye Lash Petticoat
Petit Darling Nails High Beam PK 004
Petit Darling Nails PK 008
Petit Darling Eyes Matte #2
Easy Brow Pencil 03 (black)
Model Face Colour 02 ( for contouring )
Sweet Appleade Body Wash (I already put this in my bathroom and realized this when I was already typing)

Those were the things that I could get my hands on at EH and amazingly, most of them were eye makeup! I also bought nail polishes which were pink and sort of like a peach colour. I liked the pink better though since the peach one makes my fingers look old, but I still like the colour. I'm really psyched that I got the eyebrow kit for only Rp 88000,- because it was usually around Rp 200000,- when I last saw it. Oh, I restock my body wash that I totally adore which makes me smell like fresh apples!

I'm really sorry for the short haul, I'm not in the mood for writing today. However, I am planning on making my daily blog since this helps in building my sense of discipline.


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