Monday, April 12, 2010

My Brush Collection

Today, I am going to share my entire brush collection, that I have just recently purchased over the last 3 months. I remember back at the eighth grade when I didn't apply my powder with brushes because I thought they were really pricy (never looked at the prices though) and will prove useless in the future. I used to apply my powder using the puff that comes with it and then spread the powder evenly on my face using my clean hands. It's a bit barbaric if I think about it now, but I had no choice back then. I thought having brushes means that I have to buy a whole set of them from face brush to a smudge brush. It was silly of me, I know, but at least I am using them now.

My entire brush collection minus the Kabuki brushes

It all started when my uni friend was getting married and I had decided to put some effort on looking nice for the cameras or at least to the visible eyes. There was no way in the world I was going to use the puff and even it out with my hands, so I went in search for a face brush. The only store I know that sells a brush is The Body Shop and headed there. My first brush is The Body Shop's Face and Body Brush, which is this quite large brush with soft bristles and a large handle. This was really easy to use and actually recommended for those beginning to use brushes to apply makeup. I find that this brush doesn't shed at all, even after twice washing! It sets the powder on my face evenly and doesn't shed while doing its job. I used this both for applying my powder and also my blush. I tried to contour with this brush, but didn't get the result I wanted because the bristles are waaaay to soft as opposed to most contouring brushes which have a semi rigid shaped bristles.

The Body Shop's Face and Body Brush

After purchasing a brush, I figured I might need another type of brush as I am looking into mineral makeup for an everday no makeup, makeup look (if you get what I mean). I usually just use a tinted moisturiser from ZA, add a little touch of lip balm and gloss and I'm all set. Lately, I experience more frequent breakouts from ZA's tinted moisturiser and came across mineral makeup that has almost the same function. Again, TBS is the only store I knew selling mineral makeup, so I bought the Nature's mineral foundation with SPF 25 and a foundation brush. This foundation brush is similar to a Kabuki brush which I've seen often in most of the video tutorials on Youtube. The shape itself is adorable, I fell in love with it instantly and I think this is one of the many types of brushes that I really love! It has a short flat head with a slightly rounded shaped brush and a short stem for you to grip on. My first Kabuki brush is from TBS (yes, again), but I have been adding my collection from ELF and Too Faced. I like the ELF so very much since it is super super soft compared to TBS , but TBS's Kabuki is denser than ELF's.

My Kabuki Brushes

Recently, I am in search for a blending brush because I wanted to try to do an eye makeup, but a natural one. I tried using my fingers, but it just doesn't work as I expected. So, I was strolling the mall one day just for fun without any intention of buying any brushes. I got into Sogo department store and was browsing for a brush holder, sort of like a place to keep all my brushes. However, I saw the brush section and it immediately caught my eyes. I noticed a line of brushes by the of brand Masami Shouko. It has almost every type of brush except for Kabuki brushes, *sniff*. I bought the one similar to ELF SL Eye shadow C Brush, sort of like a dome shaped eye shadow brush, concealer brush, and a foundation brush. I really like the eye shadow brushes as the bristles are really dense and doesn't shed so far. It is super super soft and doesn't scratch my face. The best part is the price, since they only cost me Rp 20900,- each!! The eye shadow brushes have the similar texture and density as ELF brushes at a cheaper price. However, the concealer brush is not similar to ELF's because this is bigger and sort of fluffier.

My Masami Shouko Brushes

Another brush that I am particularly in love with is the concealer brush from TBS. I bought this when I received my Everyday Minerals concealers. If you had been using EDM concealers, you would be familiar with the texture. It is hard to apply using your bare fingers because it has a powder consistency instead of a cream or liquid texture. Using a concealer brush makes the application a lot easier and makes your skin looks flawless. The bristles are firm enough to help applying the concealer. I have already pre order my ELF concealer brush, but I'll just have to wait and experience it myself.

It's a dependable concealer brush

That is it for my brush collection, although I have an angled eye shadow brush, but it was falling off and I needed a new one anyway, so I didn't put it in this blog. Currently, I am still waiting on my ELF brushes and brush guards (super excited about this!), so once it arrives, I am going to review them. I'll see ya' when I see ya!

My desperate attempt to create my own "Brush Guard".
FAIL... --"


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