Saturday, April 3, 2010

[REVIEW] Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer

If you know me at all, you must have realized that I almost never wear shorts to the mall. This is because I can't stand the cold temperature on my legs and also because I have EXTREMELY DRY skin on both my legs. If I were to wear shorts, you can see the cracks and wrinkle-looking lines on my legs. I have tried almost every brand of moisturiser, lotion, cream there is to know. Recently, I was browsing through Food Hall at Kelapa Gading Mall in search of tonkatsu sauce when I found this moisturizer.

It goes by the name of Jergens and I remembered trying them when I went to ITC Mangga Dua with my friends. I didn't purchase it back then because I was too lazy to spend a little bit time on skincare. Well, I was someone who didn't want any fuss after my shower, so I didn't care on applying any skincare products when I was a teenager. Anyway, I stumbled on the three types of Jergens moisturizer and picked the Ultra Healing. I'll write what it says on the bottle.

NEW! JERGENS Ultra Healing Heals & Softens (621 ml/ 21 fl oz)

Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer. Now with Vitamin 3.
Penetrates through 5 layers of skin's surface to start healing at the source.

Experience all the ways the Jergens collection of moisturizers give skin a subtle allure that captivates.

Moisturize into deeply hydrated skin.

Irresistibly soft, invitingly smooth skin is in the palm of your hands. Let the nourishing formula of Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer take even your roughest spots-heels, elbows, and knees-from a state of extreme dryness to a state of lasting sotness. This fast absorbing body lotion goes deep beneath skin's surface to lock in moisture for 24 hours of relief. With continued use, it actually triples skin's moisture content, healing dryness at the source to prevent its unwelcome return.

Made with Vitamin 3, blend of C,E, and B5, this formula penetrates deeply to help heal extra dry skin.


Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Imagine extra dry, crackly, wrinkly skin turning to soft, smooth skin in just minutes using this product. I want that. So, without any further ado, I bought the moisturizer and it cost me around Rp 120000,- (if I'm not mistaken).So, after using it for two weeks now, here is my review on it.

* It has a pump. Makes it easier to get the appropriate amount.
* Quite big for Rp 120000,- . I've used this for almost two weeks and it hasn't reduced to 1/4 of the bottle.
* The moisture really lasted for 24 hours because sometimes I don't use it everyday and my skin still feels hydrated.
* The texture is thick, but once it goes on the skin it's really light (not light as a feather, but light)
* It's not sticky or greasy
* It doesn't have a fragrance
* The skin on my legs doesn't appear that crackly anymore!

* I found some stores sell them cheaper. You can get them for Rp 100000,- , but I don't know where.
* They're not available in any stores. You have to look for them in Food Hall, Watsons, or any drug stores.

Plan of repurchasing : Yes! Definitely!

I rate this 5 out of 5, especially if you can get them cheaper! I hope you'll find this review useful and always remember "What works for me might not necessarily work for you and vice versa".

The FTC law states that any blogger must answer these 4 questions for every company they talk about on a blog, so here you go FTC.

1) Did you get this product for free by the company, or did you buy it yourself?
I bought it myself.
2) Are you getting paid or compensated by this company for this video?
3) Are you affiliated with this company?
4) Is this your honest opinion or a paid review?
My honest opinion.


  1. will try this... Thanks for the info!! i have the same problem wif yours! flaky skin on both legs x3


  2. Hi Sisil! Your welcome! Glad to be of assistance to someone! :)