Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Face Shop Haul

I don't even know and care who he is

Yes, I know you're all probably confused as to how frequent I have hauls and/or mini hauls, but I am currently waiting for a certain license to come out, so I am making myself busy as to not get bored. I like trying out new stuff, be it gadgets, novels, food and even skincare/makeup products. My recent faves are between Etude House (because of their cute packaging, you know how I am with cute things?!), The Body Shop (because they don't test n animals, making a greater chance that the product will work because they tested on humans) and Clinique (because they WORK!). There are other products that I've tried but has not reached to a conclusion such as Olay, MAC, etc. Before I rambled even more into the dark of nights, let's try to concentrate on how I hauled (sort of) TFS.

My TFS Haul

The other day I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish his night duty at the hospital and decided to take a stroll at Kelapa Gading Mall. I browsed from Watson to get myself the Purederm Makeup Remover Tissue all the way to Periplus and bought myself recipe books (ranging from Italian to Chinese Cuisine). If you are familiar with the lay out of Kelapa Gading Mall, I was planning on buying myself toys and/or dolls from Petra Toy shop, but I happen to pass TFS on the way there. Like a moth attracted to light, the banner saying "Buy 2 Get 3 for face masks for those having Indosat Provider" got to me and my feet had a mind of their own, making their way into the store. It's a small store and I have noticed it a million times every time I went to MKG (okay, I was being over the top, but you get the point).

TFS at Kelapa Gading Mall

As I went inside and asked about the promotion, the SA pointed me to the direction of the face masks with the utmost respect towards me, even though I was only wearing T-Shirt and jeans. I chose 2 masks (Tea Tree and Bergamont something) and got 1 free mask (Vita K).

The "Promotion" Masks

I browsed through the nail polish section and picked out four colours that matches my nails and skin. The SA was a different person that the one that helped me picked out the masks, but she nonetheless helpful as well. She listened to the colours that I liked and the ones I despised, then painting it on her own nail as a comparison because my nails had nail polish on them.

Aren't they cute?!

As I was about to pay for my things, I walked past this one thing that I had forgotten months ago. It was ... THE FLOWER Loose Powder! Why the exclamation point, you asked? Well... just look at the appearance of that!! How can I resist not buying that?!?! I was put on this earth with one weakness and that is ADORABLE, IRRESISTIBLE, CUTE things... Whatever the form was, starting from computer accessories, phone straps, flash disks, dolls, etc.. So, I immediately grabbed it and asked for #23 which is a natural colour, since the #21 proves to be quite "ghostly" on my skin.

The Flower Loose Powder. T-o-o C-U-T-E !!

At the cashier, the SA said that I was short of Rp 150000,- to be a member. This is another Kryptonite for dear old me. I am into collecting member cards, not caring about the benefits that I get, as long as I have the member card. I have seen my friends TFS member card and I wanted to get it ever since then, but since I was too busy upgrading my PC months ago, I just plumb forgot to.

So, I asked her recommendations on their best seller item. She offered the facial cleanser, but I refused because I still have my Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. She then offered body lotions and asked what type of skin I have. I warned her that I have an extremely dry skin and that most moisturisers are not eable to penetrate and hydrate my skin. She took a stand and offered me the Sake Body Lotion. After trying on my arms, I feel a little bit sticky, but I figured it's probably because she slab loads of them onto my arms. However, after a few while (around 2 minutes), the stickiness goes away and my skin was left feeling smooth (I could touch them all day!). So, I bought the Sake body lotion and received my member card, a make up bag and a few samples.

TFS Sake Nourishing Body Lotion

You have to reach Rp700000,- to actually have a member card, but you can accumulate the receipt starting from Rp 350000,- (if I'm not mistaken). I did it all in one purchase and got myself loads of stuff and a member card. I can already picture my boyfriend screaming in agony as to having an OCD, ADD girlfriend who buys every single thing that looks cute and not use them later on.

The Makeup Bag and the samples


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