Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[REVIEW] ELF Studio Blush: Candid Coral

When it comes to blushes, I am a nut for it. I am mostly into pink shades compared to peach coloured blushes. When I saw this on facebook, it immediately caught my eye and in the spur of the moment, I bought it. The weird thing about it was that the blush that I bought was actually more of a peach coloured blush rather than a pink one. So, I guess that's new for me. I think the reason behind not liking the peachy colours is that I find them to be a bit dark and was actually afraid that it might come out as more of a brown colour rather than that peach colour. Anyway, the blush that I bought is from ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) and it was the one called Candid Coral. I was actually thinking of buying the Mellow Mauve, but the seller said that it was out of stock. Some reviews actually compared this colour to the infamous NARS Orgasm and found it to be quite similar in colour, but I guess I have to wait and compare them once my NARS Orgasm arrive (so excited!). So, here is how the blush looks like.

looks really classy, doesn't it?

It has a little mirror inside, but no brush. Oh well..

The swatch

* It's a simple but classy blush on case
* It's quite cheap. It costs me around Rp 75000,-. Some might say it's pricy, but I mean, look at how much you are getting!
* It has a small mirror inside which saves time to do touch ups.
* It has no fragrance so, sensitive noses fear not!
* It looks great on my cheeks. It gives me that healthy look.
* It doesn't break me out. I find this to be the most important factor in choosing my makeup products.

* It's not that pigmented. I tried to swatch it on my wrist, but the colours didn't show.
* It doesn't have a build in brush (not that I care about it)
* It's not readily available in Jakarta. I have to order mine off a seller on Facebook.

Overall, the Candid Coral from ELF is becoming one of my current faves in the blush department. I would do a comparison between this and the NARS Orgasm to see whether or not they are the same colour wise. I can save lotsa money if they are the same!

Always remember "What works for me might not work for you and vice versa"

The FTC law states that any blogger must answer these 4 questions for every company they talk about on a blog, so here you go FTC.

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I bought it myself.
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My honest opinion.

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I was wondering if you mind telling me the Facebook seller you bought your E.L.F blush off. Where I live, E.l.F isn't readily available from shops and its online website.