Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Body Shop Mini Haul

Today has been the one of the strangest days since the weather is really unpredictable. One second it was sunny and bright, the next second was all cloudy and raining. It can be said that it was considered to be a rainstorm because of the wind that it comes with. Anyway, I was busy at home Youtube-ing (it is a valid word, which of course I invented myself ^_^) when all of a sudden Gen BBM me saying that he is already coming home. Imagine how happy I was hearing that!! So, when he came home, I asked whether he had already eaten and turns out that he didn't have the chance to. I sorta implied that we go to Yuraku which is our favorite restaurant at Gading and he said yes, so off we go.

After our really late lunch (it was around 3 pm), I decided to go to The Body Shop to restock on his Moisture White Toner because he almost ran out of. When I went there, I didn't just buy a toner, but a lotion, an eyeshadow and a moisturiser as well Turns out that my favorite Tea Tree Mattifying Moisturiser is back in stock! I really love it since it doesn't make my face shine as much and it doesn't sting me at all when using it. I also bought an eyeshadow which has this neutral beige colour, it was Eyeshadow # 13 Vanilla Cream (I'm really bad in naming colours, I took it off their website :) ). I don't usually wear any eye makeup in my daily routine, but once in a while I'll get all girlie and wear them. Another thing that I bought was Moringa Milk Body Lotion. It has a floral scent, almost similar to a jasmine scent. Unlike other body lotions, this was in a spray form and has a really thin texture, more like a runny liquid. However, when applied to the skin, it felt really hydrating and moisturizing that I was thinking of leaving my Jergens behind! I won't though, I'm still loving Jergens ^_^ So, I will definitely give this lotion a try because I absolutely love the smell!

my mini haul at The Body Shop

The Vanilla Cream Shadow #13


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