Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tofu House a.k.a Warung Tahu

The first time we knew about this restaurant was when we passed by for a few times every time we're going to Kelapa Gading Mall 5. It seemed like a small restaurant and not many cars were parked in front of it, which seemed to imply that the food wasn't that good.

However, this evening Gen and I actually had a thought of going there, since we have been delaying our visit to this restaurant. The moment we arrived inside, it was neat and had 3 air conditioners (I think..). We looked at the menu and found that there were various meals with tofu as the basic ingredients. There's tofu steak, tofu wotie, tahu petis, tofu meatballs, etc.

Gen ordered the tahu telor and I ordered the Tofu Steak. Both of us ordered the tofu wotie, tahu petis and doughnut tofu as the side dishes (quite a mouthful, huh?). For dessert, we ordered ice cream made with soy milk as a basic ingredient. I ordered the chocolate flavored and Gen ordered vanilla.

The first meal that came was the tofu doughnut. It wasn't very tasty as the doughnuts are cold to the touch and quite bland, despite the fact that it had toppings on top. Funny thing about this doughnut is the taste of the tofu lingering within every bite. I didn't finish mine because it was really tasteless and cold, not to mention quite tough for a doughnut.

Later, the wotie tofu came, all 5 pieces of it. The fillings were minced chicken, tofu (d-u-h~!), green onions, ginger and garlic. Well, that's all I taste anyway, pardon my senses. Unlike the doughnut before, this one is really really really tasty (I mean it~!). It really has the perfect texture, golden and crispy on the bottom and throughly cooked on top. It was balanced well in the matter of taste, not too salty and not too oily. This is soon to be one of my favorite menu in this establishment ^o^.

Eventually, our main dishes arrived, Tahu Telor for Gen and Tofu steak for me. Gen said that the taste was fresh and the sauce had a clean taste to it. The only thing lacking is the amount of beansprouts laid on top of the dish. As for the tofu steak, it had quite a funny taste to it and by that I mean that in a good way. It's flavorsome, but I get quite bored with the taste after some time.

After the appetizers and main course, we move on to order the dessert. I chose chocolate ice cream and Gen had vanilla ice cream. These were made from soy milk and the taste was fresh. I really enjoyed this visit to Warung Tahu because the ice cream tasted like the one my grandmother use to make when I had my birthday party as a little girl.

Overall, we enjoyed the food at Warung Tahu and I recommend the Tofu Wotie and chocolate ice cream. The soy milk made here is also home made and taste different than store bought. Just be sure that u like tofu before coming here~!


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