Thursday, June 25, 2009

O Bentooo~~

Good morning everyone~! I woke up quite early today (5.45 a.m.) because I slept early last night. I immediately went to the kitchen to make breakfast, but then, I think to myself, why not make Gen lunch altogether? So, I took some ingredients namely sausage, an egg, green beans and tomatoes and started cooking.

It's been a while since I made lunch for someone. The last time I made these types of bentos was way back in high school. Anyways, I made little octopus sausages, but since there is no black sesame seed, they ended up having no eyes, poor octopuses T_T.

Blind Octopuses and Sauteed Tomato and Green Beans

I also made Tamagoyaki with green onions and cheese as filling (Gen loves cheese~!). I also put some strawberries since he loves them ever so much.

Cheese and Green Onions Tamagoyaki with Rice

Sweet Strawberries

I then packed them into the bento box that I had for quite some time, filled it with rice and we're all set~! Here are the pictures, excuse the quality since this is taken with a camera phone "O. (^o^) .O"

Hyataaa~~! ^__^ (v)

Gen's Bento and water bottle


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