Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glosis Restaurant

This restaurant has been an old time favorite ever since 4 years ago. I ate there with my brother and father when it first opened. It was located in Kelapa Gading Mall 3, European Walk ( that is the place if I'm not mistaken). They serve Western food, pasta and soups =)

What keeps me coming back there is the Beef Goulash Soup and Grilled Pepper Steak cooked medium well. I like the taste of the soup and the fillings are pretty much generous. It's eaten with garlic bread on the side that I usually dip in the soup and ate with a chunk of the beef. Thinking about it makes me drool already, yum yum...

Beef Goulash Soup with Garlic Bread on the side

The grilled pepper steak came with the sides of fries and steamed vegetables. The steak was cooked to perfection and the taste of the black pepper was present, but not overwhelming. The texture was firm, not hard, with slight redness on the inside.

Grilled Pepper Steak medium well

I ordered the chicken steak topped with white sauce and french fries on the sides. I like the clean taste of the chicken and the way it was cooked. It wasn't too oily considering that it is fried and I like the steamed vegetables especially the baby corns. That's because it was steamed and topped with a knob of butter, so it has a buttery taste to it.

Chicken Steak with my favorite baby corn steamed and topped with butter

My boyfriend and I usually drank chocolate milkshake everytime we dine here. It's creamy, chocolatey and not too sweet. The price is affordable and matches the taste of the food. So, it is worth a try if you are ever in Kelapa Gading area.


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