Thursday, June 11, 2009

Evening Mini Surprise

I had a one-free-hassle day this Thursday and it was spent at home, slacking my a** off in front of the TV and laptop. Yes, I seldom use my PC with a 28" monitor now because someone is enjoying his games so much. But, never mind, I'm really liking using my Vaio notebook or netbook, as my boyfriend implied, lately.. I don't really know why, maybe because of its comfort in typing this blog. Well, moving on, I was just browsing through the internet, when my best friend IMed me saying that she wanted to give me food, Loraine Quiche to be exact.

I never had home-made quiches before, never bothered making them too. I've been delaying baking savory treats for a long time, for one reason or another. Not that I hate them, of course.

So, the "package" arrived safely at my house and when I opened it, there it was. Two pieces of Loraine Quiches with beef and bacon as a filling.

Quiche siblings packed neatly in a box

Unfortunately, I told Gen to choose first and he picked the right one (the one with lotsa filling.. grrrr), which left me with the other one. The first bite gave a crunch as I bit into the crust, not too buttery, great texture and rather sweet. The filling was custardy and savory as I tasted the beef and bacon chunks inside it. It was yummy as it fit to my taste, not too oily or salty. I can't wait for the next quiche that she'll make, even got a name for it. Neng's Finest... well, that's what I got so far..

The bigger quiche that Gen picked >.<

Gen trying the BIGGER quiche

And he approves the taste!


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