Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cosi Dinner

I was feeling really down last Friday, I already forgot why though. Oh yeah, it was something about someone being total jerk and f****r. Well, I guess I have to let it be, it’s not my choice to be someone else’s keeper. Anyway, I felt in need of good food and so, I decided to call my friends to enjoy some good food. We decided to go a place where it is comfortable and the name is Cosi.
We were so hungry by the time we reached the restaurant that we nearly ordered everything that was on the menu. For appetizers, we ordered chicken nachos and Fried squid (there was a cooler name for this but I forgot what it was. Something called Aventi something.. -__-”) I don’t quite like the nachos because there wasn’t enough cheese!! It was tomato salsas all the way through every inch and opening of the nachos. However, I like the squid very much! It was tasty and delicious, I want moreee!!

The Fried Squid

The Chicken Nachos with inadequate cheese
As for the main course, I chose Grilled Oxtail Soup because I’ve been craving it since last week. It’s complete with rice and emping and the soup of course! My friend, Wiena, chose to have the Soto Mie, which is like noodle soup but with a different taste of broth. I liked the grilled oxtail because it had the taste of chilli oil, but the soup was bland and way too oily for my taste.

The Grilled oxtail soup complete with rice and emping

The close up of grilled oxtail
For dessert, Wiena and I decided to have regular waffles topped with ice cream. Mine was vanilla chocolate chip flavored. It was the same waffle from the previous post. I love it!! ^____^

It looks like a boat, doesn't it?
Soon after, we went to emporium and as usual my friend bought Sour Sally. It’s a yogurt dessert that takes the form of a soft serve topped with fruits or candies or chocolate. They have the plain, green tea and somthing that is pink in colour as a flavour. My friends said that the best taste is the plain one topped with fruits. I didn’t like yogurt, they’re sour and weird for my taste. Anyhoo, we went home after surfing the mall and bought the blasted yogurt.

My crazed Sour Sally fanatic of a friend, Neng


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