Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cosi Dinner

I was feeling really down last Friday, I already forgot why though. Oh yeah, it was something about someone being total jerk and f****r. Well, I guess I have to let it be, it’s not my choice to be someone else’s keeper. Anyway, I felt in need of good food and so, I decided to call my friends to enjoy some good food. We decided to go a place where it is comfortable and the name is Cosi.
We were so hungry by the time we reached the restaurant that we nearly ordered everything that was on the menu. For appetizers, we ordered chicken nachos and Fried squid (there was a cooler name for this but I forgot what it was. Something called Aventi something.. -__-”) I don’t quite like the nachos because there wasn’t enough cheese!! It was tomato salsas all the way through every inch and opening of the nachos. However, I like the squid very much! It was tasty and delicious, I want moreee!!

The Fried Squid

The Chicken Nachos with inadequate cheese
As for the main course, I chose Grilled Oxtail Soup because I’ve been craving it since last week. It’s complete with rice and emping and the soup of course! My friend, Wiena, chose to have the Soto Mie, which is like noodle soup but with a different taste of broth. I liked the grilled oxtail because it had the taste of chilli oil, but the soup was bland and way too oily for my taste.

The Grilled oxtail soup complete with rice and emping

The close up of grilled oxtail
For dessert, Wiena and I decided to have regular waffles topped with ice cream. Mine was vanilla chocolate chip flavored. It was the same waffle from the previous post. I love it!! ^____^

It looks like a boat, doesn't it?
Soon after, we went to emporium and as usual my friend bought Sour Sally. It’s a yogurt dessert that takes the form of a soft serve topped with fruits or candies or chocolate. They have the plain, green tea and somthing that is pink in colour as a flavour. My friends said that the best taste is the plain one topped with fruits. I didn’t like yogurt, they’re sour and weird for my taste. Anyhoo, we went home after surfing the mall and bought the blasted yogurt.

My crazed Sour Sally fanatic of a friend, Neng

Patapons Attack!!

In dark times, the Patapons were miserable and weak because there was no Almighty that helped them. They lost every battle in every turn they get, until.. we play the game! We are the Almighty, GOD!

For those who played psp must have recognized these little “circles” or “bullseyes” as they trampled and demolish everything that’s in their way according to OUR will! I had been playing this game since it first came out, fighting over it with my younger brother like dogs over a bone. (^___^)I haven’t played the second game yet (Patapon 2) because I just bought my psp and my saved data was in my brother’s psp, so I had to play it from the start. I enjoyed playing it so much, so it doesn’t really matter if I have to start from the beginning once again. I just hope that this won’t bother me “academically” >___<

Our brave warriors trying to get to Earthend to see IT.

Monsters getting in the way to get to Earthend.

Care to play?

\ ( ^ __ ^ ) / ~~

Food Lovers' Day

Yesterday, I went with my girl friends to PI to waste another Saturday. First stop was at Pizza e birra, a new restaurant with a sorta like barnyard theme, the theme wasn’t all that clear to be honest -_-” Anyway, it has a cute spoon and fork wrapper which said “please unwrap me” with a picture of a woman winking.


Kinda cute for a wrapper

We ordered the Royal Four Cheese Pizza (i forgot what the cheeses are), fried calamari and spaghetti carbonara. The pizza was delightful in appearance and taste, but the portion was not much because we order the regular size (our fault really). The fried calamari was yummy, I like it so much!! The pasta had an average taste. We ate the main course in the speed of light since it’s already an hour past lunch hour and we’re hungry..

Pizza and Calamari

Pizza & Calamari, deadly combo

Then, we decided to have dessert pizza called “The Black Eye Pears”. It was a combination of dark chocolate and slices of pears on top of a pizza dough.

My best friends and dessert pizza

The dessert pizza

The pizza was served on a round steel plate with a high steel to support it. It was kinda funny for a pizza to be served in a such a way.

Me gobbling the black eyed pears

Funny stand, isn't it?

I wasn’t quite into this menu since I don’t like pears. Also, the texture of the pizza is a bit weird for my taste and the chocolate wasn’t that tasteful as well. But, it was fun to try a dessert pizza.

The dessert pizza was the last menu that we ordered before heading to our next destination. The bill came to a total of Rp 247.000,00. Quite cheap for a pizza menu located in a fancy place as Plaza Indonesia. I felt full as if my stomach had been filled to its maximal capacity, yet we had been longing to eat waffle at Gelare and so we had prepared our stomach for it.

We went to Kinokuniya as I was looking for Jeff Lindsay’s creations, better known as “Dexter in the Dark” or “Dearly Devoted Dexter”. It tells the story of a serial killer who was a medical student and is now working in the forensic department in Miami PD. Dexter Morgan, was his name, only kills people who deserved to die, such as murderers, rapists, etc.

Good book to read

Unfortunately the novel wasn’t available in Kino so I think I might have to ask someone overseas to buy it for me.

Our next destination was the Gelare Waffles Restaurant. The name pretty much says everything about what they are selling, Waffles. We’ve been wanting to have waffles and chatted for quite sometime now and yesterday we finally did. I ordered a large Belgian waffle topped with additional vanilla chocolate chip and capuccino ice cream. My two friends ordered a regular waffles with cookies and cream and blueberry ice cream. The taste was heavenly! The waffles are freshly made to order and the texture was just right, not too soft and not too crispy. I really can’t wait to eat here with Gen, he’s gonna love these waffles so much!!

The threes cabaleros, i mean waffles

The biggest 1 is mine! No sharing!

We chatted and exchanged stories while gobbling our own waffles. Yep, you guessed it, we didn’t share desserts! Strictly our code! =) We took a couple of picture of ourselves and decided to head off to another bookstore in search of my book.

Me and my bestest

Me - Neng - Wiena @ Gelare PI

Our last restaurant stop was actually more of a food court at Plaza Indonesia. Located at the Ground floor called Red Pepper. We wanted something that has the texture of a soup or broth, so we decided to have Soto Ayam and Sate Ayam. We got there only to find out that the Soto ayam was already sold out and all that was left was the satay.

Sate Ayam with Lontong

Chicken satay with Lontong

We decided to buy only one portion of the satay since we are still full of the Belgian Waffles at Gelare.

Sour Sally Fanatics

Never ending dessert for them

For dessert my two crazy friends decided to have Sour Sally plain with various toppings on the side. What a day!

Dark Hot Chocolate

It’s been a bad day ever since yesterday since I received a bad news, but not gonna share it here though =p I’ll be just fine.. So, in order to compensate with what has been bugging me and made my condition worse, I decided to make dark hot chocolate.. Considering that it is raining, that would be the best and suited drink to accompany me during these troubled times.

I went to my fridge to find a carton of SKIM milk (it says 99.9% less fat) then went down to the kitchen to add unsweetened cocoa powder, some sugar and a small pinch of salt(really small, like 10 crystals of salt). Below is the complete recipe.

1 glass of milk (250 ml)

1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tablespoon of hot/boiling water

1 1/2 tablespoon of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional)

  1. Heat the milk in the microwave for about 1 minute or so.
  2. Mix the cocoa powder and water in a saucepan.
  3. Pour the warm milk to the cocoa and water mixture. Stir well and put on heat.
  4. Add the sugar and wait for the milk to come to a rolling boil or until you can see fumes coming out
  5. Drop vanilla extract in you glass and pour hot chocolate to the glass.Mix well
  6. Enjoy!

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