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B&SOAP Apate Black Fresh Wash Off Pack Review

Monday, January 02, 2017

Hello, lovelies~ Wow. I haven't blogged in a while, have I? Let's just say that I haven't had the mood to sit still and type away all of my thoughts. However, it's back now, so I'm gonna start blogging again. Possibly starting with skincare products because there is a lot of them lining up to be reviewed. 

Just to refresh your memory, my skin type is combination skin, with an very oily T-zone and normal, but sometimes dry U zone. I'll start with a wash off mask pack from B&SOAP, which have an almost similar packaging theme to LUSH.

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Saboon Soap Bars Serene Breeze & Coconut Milk & Honey Review

Monday, September 26, 2016

“Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out.” Complete disclosure here  

Hello, lovelies~ Who still uses soap or body wash in a bar form? *raises own hand* Yup, I still prefer bar soap compared to liquid because I feel cleaner and I can get foam in every nook and cranny of my skin. So excited to find out a new shop that makes soap bars. Please welcome, SABOON.ID!

The soap bar is packaged individually in a geometric patterned paper that is then sealed with kraft paper with detailed information of the product. I love the packaging, probably because I’m into geometric shapes at the moment, lol. Each soap weighs differently, but they’re roughly around 70-100 grams.

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Nichijou: Popcon Asia 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hello, lovelies~ A few weeks ago, G and I were feeling adventurous and decided to go to Popcon Asia. It was held at Jakarta Convention Center for three whole days. We don’t usually go to these types of events, but I (kinda) begged him to because one of my friends is the exhibitor. Shout out to Stephanie (@cstefanie)! It didn’t took him long to agree, so off we go.

I was super excited that I made plans to go to which booth before the event started. Unfortunately, we went on the second day because the first day was a Friday. Saturday came and I woke him up early, so we won’t have to queue too long to get into the venue. There weren’t much traffic and parking was easy because we arrived around 9:45-ish. However, the queue was already quite long, but we waited and prevailed!

As soon as we got our entrance tickets, we took a picture in front of the big-screen-type-thing-with-the-popcon-logo. I even brought my monopod, so that we can take selfies without having to bother other people. Yes, I am that prepared, lol.